What the point of the Keycard Battle?

So far it looks like this to me:

- Extremely high energy consumption
- Low reward in comparison to the energy consumed, or if you compare it to Events & Challenges
- Easy win, so not much of a challenge

So is anyone actually doing it, and why?


  • I did one to clear the achievement then I noticed you don't get Vader shards for it. So I haven't done the other. Probably will one day just to get achievement off the list. Unless cost goes⬇️and/or reward goes⬆️I won't do anymore.
  • Ok thank you, so the role if this actually to clear off the achievement. I see.

    Every part has the specific role, like Cantina giving you access to specific shards, the Challenge to mats, Arena to another type of shards, and maybe the Keycard Battle is just to be played once to get the achievement.

    Still feels a bit weird, because most other elements of the game should be played more than once.
  • Seems like it's for energy dumping if you're running behind on a resource that is difficult to get. For instance, the one time I've really used it I had fallen behind very far on training droids because I unlocked three characters I wanted to use at the same time. So, I bought 120 energy and burned it on the Training droid mission. It really helped me catch up much faster than farming regular missions would have got me.

    I hear credits are at a premium once it starts costing you 1M to promote stars on characters... so I wouldn't be surprised if the credit keycard missions are useful at high levels when your characters are very geared and you need credits badly.
  • I see your point. However, from the Events & Challenges you get much more training droids as well as credit per each battle, and it does not even cost any energy.
  • If you want to spend energy for credits there is no better conversion. 8 energy gets you 620 credits in LS/DS. 50 energy gives you 100k+ a chance for a bonus. Its not even close.
  • LS/DS is not for credit, but for gear (normal) or shards (hard). Credits are just a nice bonus.

    At Keycard, I need 50 or 100 crystal to get 100 energy. Keycard consumes 50 energy, so that is around 40 crystals. I got way below 100k credit for 40 crystals.

    For 85 crystals I get 65k to 200k credit at the Data Cards store. So compared to that, Keycard is not a bad deal, but it is also not a very good one. It's just a normal trade.

    The good one is getting credit or training droids from the Events & Challenges.
  • I would run a keycard event for 50 energies if it dropped ability mats. Credits and Training droids can be obtained with regular cost means.
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  • Fantazy wrote: »
    I would run a keycard event for 50 energies if it dropped ability mats. Credits and Training droids can be obtained with regular cost means.

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  • They are just a relic from Heroes of Dragon Age that are poorly implemented. They will probably address it sometime within the next year. I doubt it's a priority right now, since there are so many new players who want more content, compared to the people in levels 50+ who are slogging away at the grind either way.
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