Are you interested in the new Speeder Bike Raid? Are you looking for Wat shards? Join Us!

Hi there,

The Strength of the Empire Guild has a couple spots open and we want to be 50 strong again. We are moving on from Krayt to the Speeder Bike Raid. We currently do the Geo TB for those who are looking for Wat shards and are trying to get Negotiator or Melevalence we would be a GREAT fit. We are a laid back but competitive guild. We don't make any crazy demands. We just ask that everyone contributes and has fun with the game. We make recommendations for TB at times like requesting to work on Geos but they are not hard requirements. Everyone should build their roster based on their own needs. Still everyone is looking to contribute to the guild in whatever way they can. Please let me know if your interested. Contact me on Discord DashRendar#2525
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