What are the Best Farm Nodes for Relic Materials?

I am a new player who has been playing for 14 weeks.
I am trying to get better at Relics.
I have been watching YouTube videos for past week so I sort of know a little bit.

However, I don’t think it hurts to ask what other people think the best ways to get Relic Material is.
The reason I am asking also is because some YouTube Relic videos I have watched are not helpful.

For Example:
Zinbiddle cards

I saw Youtuber say best spot to get them is from shop with like Mark 3 or Get 3 currency.
My team only gets Mark 1 + 2.
My team only gets Get 1.

The YouTuber didn’t give any alternative which is sad.
What do I do in that case?

Surely, the game has other ways to get each of these different Relic materials.
Am I just doomed forever till my team gets stronger?

Again, I am just asking to see what others think.
Maybe, people can tell me what they did when they was in similar situation.

Obviously, people might say join better team.
The issue is the people I have been playing with are not bad group people.

We are just newer.
We shouldn’t be penalized for being new.
We will eventually work our way up stronger.
It’s a process.


  • Carbonite Circuit Boards: LS 1-D or the 500 crystal packs
    Bronzium Wiring: LS 7-B gives you kyros which are always needed, and you can use the green data pads for BW salvage
    Chromium Transistors: buy the mk7 BAW armor mods and mk7 blastech weapon mods from the guild store with guild tokens (not from raids)
    Heatsinks: buy mk3 holoprojector salvage using mk1 raid tokens and guild tokens, ALWAYS CRAFT INTO A FULL PIECE before you scrap, since it gives you more (5 heatsinks per full piece)
    Electrium conductors: use mk2 to buy the gold and purple gear for left side G13 gear and craft into a full piece to scrap.
    Zinbiddles: farm the salvage using normal energy and scrap, you ideally want to use mk3 for this but in your case you can’t
    Impulse detectors: the bayonet node
    Aeromagnifiers: mk3 eventually, but you’ll have to buy with crystals right now
    Droid Brains and keypads: don’t worry right now
  • Yeah, this is why I want to ask because it does seem like their is confusion.

    I saw video telling me LS 1-C is the best.
    You mentioned LS 1-D, but no one told me about LS 1-D.

    I’m so confused now.
    Relics are differently not easy.
    It seems like a lot of different things.

    Also, I was told about the following location’s:
    - LS 9-F
    - DS 5-D
    - Fleet 1-D
    - Fleet 2-E
    - Fleet 3-C

    What about those locations are they good as well?
  • LS 1-C and 1-D yield the same amount of materials for CCB.

    LS 7-B gets shock prods and bronzium mats.

    Farm 1’s if you need CCB. Farm LS 7-B if you need shock prods.

    Otherwise, other nodes are good as well, yes. They provide good value for energy spent. You can feel confident spending energy in any of those nodes will not be a waste. Simply adjust what node you’re farming when you have a demand for the mats within those nodes.
  • They work, but 7-B is miles better since it also has armor mods for transistors, data pads for BW, computers also for BW, and kyros, which every new character needs to gear up and every character needs for their G13 finisher. 9F is the bayonet node, and 1-D gives you more gear for CCBs
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    Slightly outdated but still works for the most part... cybmgmvfj5na.png
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    It sounds like you are recommending for me to lock all gears except the ones from:
    - LS 1-C ✅
    - LS 1-D ✅
    This will be for Carbonite Circuit Boards.


    It sounds like you are recommending for me to lock all gears except the ones from:
    - LS 7-B ✅
    This will be for Bronzium Wiring.


    It sounds like you are recommending for me to lock all gear except the ones from:
    - LS 7-B ✅
    This will be for Chromium Transistor.

    The 2 which are holding me back are the Aurodium Heatsink & Electrium Conductor.
    What do you think is best for those 2?
  • Mk3 Sienar Holoprojector salvage for the heatsinks, lock the salvage but not the full piece, since you need 20 to craft a full piece, but scrapping 20 salvage only gets you 100 points, as opposed to the full piece which gets you 250 points. For electriums just craft the full piece Armatek cybernetics and salvage those for ECs.
  • 4m4p3qd8nbq8.jpeg

    You can see my situation.
    Trying to get Both Rey’s to 7 Star for GL Rey.
    Trying to get BB8 to 7 Star for GL Rey.
    Only thing which will slow me down is Raddus 5 Star.

    However, my plan is to get above characters done.
    Than work on Darth Vader + Bounty Hunters for Executor event.
    I can work on Executor Characters in between getting GL Rey.


    You can see I’m making good progress on the Rey.
    It seems the Heatsinks & Electriums are bottleneck.

    It seems the Electriums will be a fresh farm.
    I don’t really have any gear for it.
    I will farm gear from scratch and get rid of it.

    The Heatsinks are the interesting ones.
    Fire Smasher was saying the Holoprojectors are very good.

    I think I understand what he is saying.
    Farm baby Holo’s - Than turn them to big Holo’s - Than salvage

    My question is what about other gears?
    I got 845 of the cuff things.
    I got 675 of the gold ball thing.

    I don’t know if they are good or bad.
    Should I just farm the Holoprojectors and lock the other items?
    Or should I sack these other items as well?
  • Keep them, characters always need them for gear and their conversion rate isn't as high. Farm signal data on cantina nodes, and check swgoh.gg for the gear required for characters you're farming. If they need cybernetics, farm another gear piece to scrap until you apply the cybernetics to them.
    Also, I'd hold off bringing scavenger rey to relic 7, since she won't boost your roster that much. Instead, save the materials for Jedi Training Rey, and always farm signal data. Characters need a lot, especially blue signal data for the later relics


    https://swgoh.gg/p/319135583/gl-gear-needed/ This is the gear you still have to get for Rey. I'd recommend checking it out and farming each gear and relic piece to these amounts.

    Also, when you go for executor, you'll need even more relics, even more signal data, and 40 of each r8 piece.

    I'd also recommend applying zetas, since they'll help you get wins in GAC, and that will give you more crystals to refresh energy and farm the relic materials and signal data faster. The zetas will also help you in GCs, which gives you omicrons, gear, and mod slicing mats.

    and you might want to ask your guild if they can run the endor raid, since even if you can get the first box, you can get mk3 which makes the later relics easier to get.
  • It is a process for sure.
    It will take time to get all the characters built up.
    The important thing is just getting all the right pieces locked or unlocked.

    Once, I know the pieces to use I can begin the grind.
    I will need all the characters with Relics for 2 different Journey Paths.

    My team can’t do Endor Raid.
    We still have to complete Sith Tri. Heroic to unlock it.
    We will get there eventually.
  • Don’t lock all of those white/green/blue gear types you have in abundance.
    Feel free to use a bunch of them as you can see you must accumulate those naturally.

    The purple and gold gear shouldn’t be as freely spent as some of that will start to get used up very quickly when gearing more toons.
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