Sigma Alliance Mandalorians is recruiting! 37⭐️ RotE, 538M GP

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Sigma Alliance Mandalorians is a competitive 500M+ GP guild and a proud member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE; which has over 15 guilds all working together to form an incredible community!

We are looking for competitive, TW and TB-focused, Reva-ready players!

- 37 ⭐️ RotE TB
- 47 Reva Shards
- Competitive record in TW
- Speeder Bike Raid 307M (first attempt)
- Dedicated, helpful, organized leadership
- Reva Coaches, modding and mission/event guidance, and roster development available

- Mandatory participation in all Guild events
- TW is optional to join, but preferred. Participation upon joining is mandatory
- 9.5M+ GP focused rosters
- 4.0+ mod rating
- Ready for Reva mission
- Key teams for Rise of the Empire TB (Inquisitors, Jabba, Aphra, JKCK, etc)
- 6.0M+ score in the Speeder Bike Raid
- 5+ Galactic Legends. Jabba required, and Leia by the end of 2023
- 2+ GL ships (Executor, Profundity, or Leviathan)
- JKCK by the end of 2023
- Have all but 3 of the conquest toons
- Be able to farm for 2 level 9 datacrons, 6 level 6 datacrons, and 10 level 3 datacrons. Similar combinations of datacrons are also acceptable
- 600 tickets daily
- 3300+ rating in GAC
- 5 TW omicron
- Discord and profile required

Join us at:
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