Sigma Alliance Mandalorians is recruiting! 567M GP, 39⭐ RotE, 535M in SBR, Zeffo Unlocked!

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Sigma Alliance Mandalorians is a hardcore 567M+ GP guild and a proud member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE; which has over 15 guilds all working together to form an incredible community! Our guild is also proud to be hosting the legendary youtuber PhatPhil and his followers can be found all over the alliance. All hail the Wampa! This is the way!

- 39 ⭐️ RotE TB with Zeffo unlocked
- Speeder Bike Raid 535M
- Competitive record in TW
- 47 Reva Shards
- Organized leadership and helpful coaching


Minimum Activity:
- Check-in with HotBot on Discord and place all assigned units into platoons within the first 8 hours for each phase of TB
- Complete 70+ combat waves, Reva, and Bracca SM in each TB
- Place defenses according to orders and 5 attacks in each TW you join; Joining TW is encouraged, not mandatory
- Earn 6M+ score in each SBR with the ability to push for 90% of WookieBot's projected score
- Earn 600 tickets daily
- Communicate with officers about any upcoming absences or time constraints that would affect your ability to complete the above activity requirements

Ideal Roster:
- 10.5M+ GP
- 4.0+ mod rating
- Ready for both Reva and Bracca SM (JKCK required)
- Ready to gear for 2 other SMs in TB (Clones, Saw, Merrin, Qi'ra, YOLO, Reva, L3-37, ect.)
- Ready to gear Naboo Raid and Bonus Mandalore Zone characters
- All GLs and 2+ GL ships (Executor, Profundity, or Leviathan)
- Have all but 3 of the Conquest toons
- Maintain 10, 6, and 2 Datacrons of levels 3, 6, and 9, respectively. Similar combinations are fine
- Maintain 3300+ rating in GAC
- 5 TW omicron
- Discord and profile required

To get started, join us at:

Type "!lfg" when you enter and follow the instructions that appear. Our examiners will be with you.
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