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I was reading the discussion about the upcoming raid and people were talking about which toons to invest in. For some reason people started talking bout Krayt as well, and that as of now there's no reason to gear up Tuskens.

I actually like Tuskens in GAC and Conquest. But it made me think about how there are special "Hero Abilities" for TB heroes, which is great, but the multi-planet setup for RotE makes me think about under-utilized toons that could be given a role on a particular planet.

Tatooine having a Tusken or Jawa hero is obvious. It rewards those who boosted those factions for the Krayt raid, but it's also just thematically appropriate. There's a reason that those races are dominant over the vast majority of Tatooine's surface.

Mustafar could have MagmaTrooper. He's a decent toon whose main problem is that he doesn't fit in anywhere. I remember the days when I took him all the way to g11 for the original Heroic Pit raid under Vader's lead.

Coruscant could have CUP. Give him massive bonuses. Make him truly useful in this one spot in the game. Bracca could have Wrecker. Vandor is just screaming out for L3-37 to be given a droid summoning ability.

Some of these are obvious and logical, but they don't have to be. And we don't have to stop with toons currently in the game, either:
Felucia was the planet with the 7 Samurai/Magnificent 7 knockoff episode in CW:TAS. While you could have GK, GAS, or AT as the hero, they get lots of play. It would be better to bring in 1 or more of the bounty hunters from Felucia and give them bonuses (or add one of Hondo's pirates, since they were the attackers in that episode, and give the bonuses to them). (I did not remember the BHs' names, but Wookiepedia has them.)

While they already have a way to push us to grant high relics to otherwise unused or even unworthy toons by requiring them in Ops missions, the creation of "planetary heroes" allows us to actually play the toons we're "strongly encouraged" to gear up. I'm bolding that bit, because this is what makes it seem worthwhile. They want to push us to gear this or that faction or this or that toon? That's okay. But give us a use. Give us a chance to really go to town nuking things with a toon that is otherwise going to sit on the bench. For those of us who have given the toon high relics already for the good of the guild, it's nice to have one mission every couple weeks where we get a personal benefit out of it. And for those who didn't relic the toon before? Now you can, and get rewarded for it.

Anyone like this idea? Hate it? Have ideas for planetary heroes they could name or add to the game?


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    I love this idea and I'd be all over it. One thing I don't like about how they've dealt with hero units in the past though - they never really feel very heroic. Like if I have that unit geared to a certain threshold I feel like any mission I use them in should be easy - or at least significantly less hard. If we're going to call them a hero, let's put some real heroics in place.

    I'd be 100% on board with calling out a few underutilized but thematic characters to actually have an impact on the difficulty of missions. Great idea Seedy.
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    If we're going to call them a hero, let's put some real heroics in place.


    I think they had to restrain themselves with the earlier heroes because there were multiples and the hero ability was going to be used all the way through r9. With just one hero per planet, they're free to grant them an ability on par with a TB omi. As you said, really make them heroic. Make them seriously valuable enough that you're willing to break up your usual Leia or JMK comp to throw in Bodhi Rook or CUP or whatever.

    The fun of having an r7+ toon is watching it kick some ****. So let's see it!
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