Speeder Bike Pursuit Milestones Hotfix

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

With the release of today’s Speeder Bike Pursuit Raid, we noticed there was a discrepancy with the Personal and Guild milestone numbers. In short, the numbers currently in-game for the Speeder Bike Pursuit Raid are incorrect.

The Personal and Guild Milestones values that are used are incorrectly referencing the Krayt Dragon Hunt. The team will be fixing these to accurately represent the milestones intended for the Speeder Bike Pursuit in a hotfix as soon as possible.

In deploying this hotfix we will need to cancel any active Speeder Bike Pursuit raids. If your Guild is currently in progress of a Speeder Bike Pursuit raid attempt, your raid will be ended early and Raid Tickets will be given back to your Guild.

We will review any impacted Guilds to address this with a make-good in the near future and ensure these Guilds can get back into the Raid as soon as possible. Fixing this is a top priority for us and will likely occur tomorrow, 11/16.

We apologize for the disruption this may cause you and your Guild.

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