Protection disruption bugged?

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Doesn’t work vs Rey


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  • I think protection up (based on max health) and protection are two different things. Hounds tooth can still get protection up with protection disruption as well.
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    Protection up is a buff and unless buff dispel occurs (like Rebel Y-Wing special) then there will still be the prot up.
    Edit: just read the post and looked at Rey's kit and it says "gains bonus protection" so not sure if it should be removed - the mechanics on say "bonus_max_protection" for Rey and "special_protection_disruption_debuff" for Ad Rad

    The protection disruption effect makes the character immune to shield_buff and bonus_max_protection so it should be dispelling it? Does it dispel for Nest or Traya (they're other units with bonus_max_protection)?

    Anecdotally I have noticed that when using Fury Class' second special for all the debuffs, when it applies protection disruption, does not dispel the prot up from HT, same with Profundity using the double assist ability
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