Sandbox Mode Idea

Why don’t we have a limited sandbox mode? Could easily make it something with a daily limit and/or crystal cost/refresh cost. It could be limited to being a game mode within Guilds to keep it limited and simpler. I would spend crystals every day on this. Even if it was just 2 or 3 battles daily.

Anybody else have ideas on this?


  • I wonder why this idea keeps coming up. It’s a mystery I tell ya.

    In all seriousness, many people have asked for this, myself included. CG simply doesn’t care to entertain the idea. Even if it was completely free to play, I believe it will make money due to people testing out teams and upgrading said teams to be able to beat X team. MSF has it, why don’t we?
  • YolkyWarEagle1
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    The whole game is free to play anyways you can choose to spend where you want. if you want to spend to do better than your friend in sandbox or if you don’t seems to be the same spending you could do for teams for GAC. I’ve wanted this feature for a long time.
  • squad arena is the sandbox.
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