Really not cool to move Mk 3 raid tokens

Just have to say it’s really unfair to completely remove the Mk 3 raid tokens from Krayyt to Speeder Bike only. Some of us went out of our way to improve teams specifically for Krayyt. And for what now? So you could bait and switch and make all that work pointless? Really, really not cool. We should be able to reap the rewards for playing the content you put out. Not have it arbitrarily voided.


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    Bait and switch do not traditionally come with flat out saying in the very first post about the system that the bait is going to be moved to another target, and not that far in the future.

    This was always going to happen, and anyone wanting to be informed about it could have found that out.
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    Unfortunately, I think you missed the angry train about this. CG was up front about this and lots of folks were very vocal about their feelings on it when the announcement came down. Many stopped working on Krayt teams when the announcement was made months ago. I don't love that those characters aren't useful for raiding anymore, but I also can't say that the extra relics haven't helped my roster and my performance in other parts of the game. Love it or hate it, this is how it's going to work going forward.
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