Night Troopers 215M+ guild is looking for members, 20⭐️DS Geos, w/27 WAT, 10 ⭐️ LS Geos, 3rd crate B

THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE is a 15 Guild Alliance.
Night Troopers is a 215+ million GP guild and a proud member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE. We are a semi-competitive international guild looking for members who want to develop their roster and have some fun playing a Star Wars game. With a strong leadership, planning, good communication and with a few BIG FRIENDS we punch well above our weight and grow our roster at an accelerated pace.
  • 20⭐️ DS Geos with w/27 WAT shards
  • 10 ⭐️ LS Geos for some sweet GET 2 and crystals
  • 20m Krayt raid, moving onto Speeder Bike raid soon with an Expected 41m score
  • Dedicated, helpful & organized leadership.
  • Roster reviews from experienced players and a lot of good bots.
  • Events, Raid, Conquest and GAC advice and guidance.
  • A chill place to talk about your other interests (Sports, Pets, Movies, Music).
  • Early and Mid Game players looking to develop and improve their roster
  • 400 tickets daily minimum
  • 1.5 mil GP accounts
  • TB participation: Deployment mandatory
  • TW participation: Optional, but if you join full participation is required
  • Join our Discord so we can communicate easily
"One guild built of many"
If you are specifically interested in Night Troopers let us know when joining!


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