Profundity mirror error

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In fleet arena i have the second time that the mirror match ended early with a draw.
First time i wonder and I thought I wasn't paying attention enough.
But yesterday it happend again.
I slowly fight and only enemy Falcon is last standing after 3 minutes. than the fight ended as a draw .
Cooldown on next arena fight 6 minutes 55 seconds.
Is this happend to anyone else ?
I will record now all fight for the next week so i can show it if it happends again


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    The "profundity mirror error" suggests a moment when one perceives depth and meaning in a reflection, yet reality may be distorted. It's a metaphor for introspection, cautioning that our understanding may sometimes be an illusion, urging mindfulness in interpreting our thoughts and perceptions.
  • The cooldown in fleet arena is 10 minutes . If the fight is running out of time it ends in a draw.But than the cooldown must be under 5 minutes .
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