Join Wookie Insights 426m guild!! 27⭐️ RotE, 96M in Krayt. LF 7M GP Members

Looking for a fun, community-oriented guild? Tired of SWGOH feeling like a chore? Then come join Wookie Insights!

We take this game seriously and are competitive in TW, but we also like to have fun and don't want to make this game feel like a hassle. If you're looking for a long-term join and want a competitive but friendly guild, we're the perfect fit for you!

Come join a friendly and competitive guild today to remember why SWGOH is fun! Join Wookie Insights!
Guild Reset: 10:30 PM UTC (05:30 PM EST)
Guild Requirements
  • 7,000,000 min. GP
  • Min. 3 GLs
  • Min. 1 Ship GLs

What else we're looking for:
Active in TWs and TBs, earn 400 daily tickets minimum, and a good attitude! Must use Discord.

Guild Stats:
  • 427m GP
  • 96m in Krayt
  • 27s in RotE
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