Trying to Play Catch-Up (Returning Player)

I haven't played SWGoH probably since about 2019, but my nephew is pulling me back in. At that point, I wasn't top of the line, but I was middle of the pack (and in a really good guild--I miss those guys), but now I'm struggling with everything (as is likely expected) so I'm looking for advice on where to set my priorities.

To start with, my SWGoH Profile:

1) I am having trouble figuring out a team for Arena and Fleet, nothing I'm working with right now seems to be working and my internet searches are not helping (my Google Fu is bad) shard is pretty old so I don't expect to make it too high at the moment (there's a lot of GLs at the top...and I'm nowhere near any of those)

2) I just managed to get Darth Revan so I am loosely working towards Darth Malak--mostly a matter of gearing a few toons I think to get there.

I'm not looking to restart my account (I see that suggested often), I worked really hard to get to where I'm at--I'm just looking for something concrete to work towards to start getting back in the swing of things (and eventually find a guild again :) )


  • Glad to have you back in the game! I wouldn't worry about Squad Arena anymore, they moved the crystals away from it into Grand Arena so now you are dependent of grand arena for most of your crystals. Grand Arena requires several decent squads for attack and defense, so for now probably focus on rounding out your existing squads. Darth Revan/Malak are great, Padme and Commander Luke are awesome as well.

    A good longer term goal would definitely be a GL, I would recommend Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, he is a power house in all game modes and will give you a few solid teams. He also requires the Finalizer which in turn requires the bounty hunter ships and sets you up decently for the Executor capital ship. It'll take some time, but that'll give you a solid foundation.

    Hope that helped
  • So my first thought is, find a different game w/ nephew :)
    Relish that you got out :)
    (sort of kidding)


    But seriously now, in the short term, I would work on the following.

    Finish out a good Revan team to 5+ using
    GM-Yoda, Bastila Shan, Jolee, Shaak Ti.
    Outside of Jolee & Revan the other 3 all have to be R7-8 for other events,
    so your not losing anything on them at all.

    Other Jedi are also useful, but, I'd do the above first, and maybe see if
    some of those Light Speed Bundles show up again which would likely include a lot of other Jedi for JML & JMK.

    The Sith Empire crew makes for a great 2nd team & will pass up Light Revan eventually.
    They are also all needed for Leviathan Cap Ship.

    I'd hold off on jumping on any GL but Leia since your not really behind anyone by much on her.
    You could start farming her 3/4 new characters in Hard Nodes while working relics on your above Jedi.

    You have Geo Alpha I see so I'd start working on getting him to Relic & the rest of the Geos to G12 at least.
    That way you can contribute in a DS-Geo TB towards Wat.


    For fleet your Houndstooth to tank for either Negotiator 5*, or the 7* Home-1, or Chimera are your 3 best options.
    If you go Chimera start farming the TIE Bomber & Defender asap
    If you go Negotiator get that Y-Wing & Maruader up & running asap.
    Ideally you get Negotiator to 7* by being in a guild doing DS-Geo TB.

    Current best ship is Leviathan but I hesitate to say go hard for it since by the time you get there it will likely be replaced. I'd focus on 5 good SE Team Members & then see if doing the ships & remaining SE is in the cards once you have the first batch to R5


    Hopefully some of those LS bundles come back at some point & can push you towards added GLs for a good price.
  • You don't need Brood Alpha at relic for the Wat mission, G12 is plenty enough. I had a good record with Alpha at G11 and the rest at G12. I never lost to rng at G12 though.
  • I do think that finishing your Sith Empire team is a very good idea. You have 4M gp, and you can save yourself a LOT of problems if you can do well in Conquest/Hard. Your current roster won't do that. On the plus side, your roster is broad rather than tall, by which I mean you haven't invested everything in a few toons to get your GP. It's not like you have 12x relic9 toons and then many other key toons aren't even unlocked. You have 153 toons at 7 stars. This is not only a great foundation, but the recent raid changes have made bringing a toon from g8 to g12 **dramatically** easier. Your roster with many toons unlocked and 7-star but awaiting gear, is in a perfect place to take advantage of these changes.

    Because of the crystal concentration in GAC and the fantastic toons and cheap g12 gear available in Conquest, squads that work in both of those areas will be the highest priority. meanwhile you'll need to buff your fleet capabilities, which can include giving some gear to pilots, but will require more work on ships themselves.

    With respect to squads, I would recommend that you:

    1. Complete your push for Malak. In addition to great benefits in GAC, he will solo many teams in Conquest if you have him at high enough relics, and as I said quick improvement in Conquest is going to pay off very well for you, so getting better in that area should be a priority.

    2. Zorii Bliss & C-3PO. You have JTR and Zorii supercharges Resistance. You'll be bringing up a lot more of your resistance toons soon, but for now it's all about Zorii., Why? Because as only a single toon that can help you incredibly she's a relatively small investment for what you get. GAS is more helpful, but also much more work. Meanwhile Threepio is also great with Resistance while also being necessary in any number of areas for any number of great uses. Right now he's at 6 stars, but you have all the ewoks and Ewok zetas you need to finish him without any g12 toons. Bring ewoks to g11 one at a time and keep hitting that event. You'll get him to 7* soon and in the meantime a straight-g11 Ewok squad (no Princess Kneesa yet) with that many zetas is going to be an unexpected killer for a number of your GAC opponents. Overall Zorii and C-3PO are amazing toons that work well with what you have and require relatively little investment. That's key, because shoring up good teams and making them great is what your roster needs right now, and these are the two toons that will do the most for your roster with the least investment. Consider this a short side-quest between completing your Sith Empire squad and unlocking GAS.

    3. Unlock GAS and then gear up 501st. Remember the unlock comes first and it doesn't use the 501st toons, so give your gear to toons required for the event first. GAS is another toon that can help you massively in Conquest but also helps you dramatically in GAC. This is a larger investment, but a necessary one. 501st will get you KAM, GAS is a requirement for even bigger ticket items, and the GAS/501st squad is just consistently excellent. You'll never regret investing here.

    With respect to fleet, I would need to do more investigation than I have time for just now, but if I get some time later today, I'll come back and give you a little more.

    In the meantime I will also say (as I always do):
    This is a GAME. Play for fun! Everyone here in the forums wants you to have fun and succeed, but the way you frame your questions will shape the answers. People tend to ask about how to get good or get this or get that. Even when one commenter contradicts another, usually everyone is giving excellent advice, just with a different emphasis. While this is wonderful, it doesn't actually tell you what will be fun for your to get.

    And thus the most important piece of advice in the game is: whenever there is a choice between an efficient, logical path to power and a path which will lead to fun (and bragging rights over your nephew, because what part of that isn't fun), always choose the fun. This game has so much grind in it that if you're always doing what you're supposed to do and never what you want to do, you'll burn out and you'll never reach the end of that efficient path anyway. I play for fun and have all the GLs with their ultimates, but I seriously slack in GAC because that's not fun for me. And I once took a 6-8 month break from Conquest, just because I was tired of the grind. Could I be farther ahead if I was playing more efficiently?


    I mean really, no. I would have burnt out and quit before Jabba was released. You already know that quitting the game is in you. You could do that at any time. So don't let some imagined efficient path to power dictate what you do. Play the game for fun and eventually all the cool toys will be yours. Grind the game like a job and you'll realize that not even bragging to a cool nephew is worth the added chores, and POP all your dreams of power will go away.

    Be the cool relative and the good example to your niephling. Do what you love and let the rest slide.
  • My recommendation is to be BOLD!

    Forget about Darth Malik!
    Forget about the Geo’s!
    Don’t settle for Light Weight Characters!

    BE BOLD!

    That’s right!
    I recommend for you, JaidenMorsa, to get:

    The shock on your nephews face will be priceless when you tell him that your getting a Galactic Legend!

    You say your far away from a GL.
    I say your in prime position for a GL.

    If a Beginner with 0 Galactic Power can follow a YouTube video and acquire a GL, Than you with 4 mil GP can do it as well and you can do it faster since you have developed characters already!

    I’m not going to come to these forums and tell you to play it safe! I say go for the Gusto!

    Pick a Galactic Legend, JaidenMorsa!

    Doesn’t Matter what other players say about the GL!
    Doesn’t Matter how close or far away your from the GL!

    Pick the GL you love!
    Than pursue that love!

    If you succeed, you will know the feeling of triumph, high achievement, and happiness.

    If you should fail, At least you fail while daring Greatly so that you live your life knowing you gave it your all with no regrets.
  • It is true that this is an international game

    Where I come from we would never say “hey family, I want an ice cream from MacDonald’s “ - because the ice cream they sell in Macdonalds tastes like owl vomit. Plus, we don’t like our families that much
  • Thank you everyone who responded, I was looking for guidance and definitely found some.

    (I'm gonna abbreviate the names in case people don't want to be tagged to come back to this post, but I want to say thanks).

    At JSB: Thank you for the heads up about SA not being the crystal maker anymore, I think that was still one of the primary places to get crystals at the time I was originally playing. Thank you for the suggestions on where I should get started. I'll definitely eventually aim for SLKR at some point.

    At SR: To be truthful, that was actually my first instinct, but my nephew is enjoying the heck out of the game and the fact he can share it with me and his best friends. Not to mention he loves his clones and GAS (and is pushing me to get them ASAP :D ) Thank you for the squad suggestion in order to round out what I currently have at hand and for what to aim for when I'm ready to commit to a guild looking to ascend through the current meta--it will definitely help me be a more valuable member to my future guild :) As far as fleet goes, I appreciate the suggestions, but I am a little confused as to what I can use until I can unlock the ships you're suggesting as I'm pretty far from even unlocking a lot of your suggestions. However, they're definitely on my goal list for the future. As far as the LS bundles, I'm planning on sticking to F2P for the time being as I don't have a lot of disposable income at the moment (especially with the holidays looming). Thank you for taking the time to offer up your suggestions :)

    At BF86: Thank you for the information on the Brood Alpha and the Wat mission!

    At MS: Thank you very much for your thoughtful answer, I have found it to be extremely helpful. I also appreciate you explaining why I should take each step moving forward. I'll definitely look at trying to concentrate a bit more on Conquest in the future--if it was out when I was playing last it was just barely getting started and I wasn't entirely aware of how much it offered. I appreciate that you've given me some solid steps to take so that I can at least become competent if not competitive at the moment. There's been a lot added to the game since I last played and its definitely a bit overwhelming at times. If you do get a chance to look into the Fleet side of things, I will definitely appreciate any guidance you may offer on that front--I struggled with Fleet even when I was solidly in the middle of everything. Thanks you again for your kindness!

    At PJ: I appreciate your enthusiasm for the GLs and I do eventually plan to aim for one, but it is a little overwhelming at the moment. To clarify a little bit, I wasn't reluctant to get Darth Malak--it was definitely a logical next step after getting Revan and I'm better at taking small steps than making huge leaps, but I do thank you for the vote of confidence :)

    Thank you everyone else who made suggestions or seconded a few of the suggestions given, I appreciate it very much!

    (I had a whole thing typed up and looks like I accidentally deleted it, so here we go again ^^; )
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