“Random” my fanny.


  • Ah. I miss the parroty thread right now.
  • The thing about real RNG is that it always results in a nice, even distribution.
  • In the US, that word means something different than it does in other parts of the world.
    F2P since the last time I bought Kyros, Crystals, or the Conquest Pass.
  • Actually it's a sign of true randomness when you find repeats here and there. I read about a math teacher once who assigned his class to flip a coin 100 times and right down for each instance heads or tails. He was able to tell who cheated because they didn't think to add instances with say 3 heads in a row or 5 tails etc. If the system is truly random you should expect to see tgis sometimes.
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    Wed_Santa wrote: »
    Ah. I miss the parroty thread right now.

    It still exists
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  • Realize also that they weight the likelihood of certain skills popping up in these, which is true for both the stat boosts AND the level 3, 6, and 9 abilities.

    When they add useless garbage stats to datacrons, they're going to make those appear more often than the ones you're hoping for.

    Don't worry though, you're only renting these garbage stats for 4 months, then you'll have other garbage datacrons to rent with different stats and abilities!
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