The High Republic is growing!

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The High Republic is growing!! We now have a 2nd guild which has been created by the leader and officers of the Galactic Republic, a 247m guild which has grown by nearly 100m in the past 3 months. We are experienced in building guilds quickly and getting the best rewards from our gp, however where the Galactic Republic is a competitive guild with ticket and activity tracking our new guild should appeal to new and old players alike, whilst wanting to be akin to the our main guild the Jedi Knights will be less demanding, there will be a reminder for tickets and participation in guild events and raids is expected we wont be actively chasing players and there will be no forced farms, although having good raid, tb and tw squads are helpful for guild success and progression.

Requirements to join the Galactic Republic are at least 5m gp preferably with a gl or 2, good raid squads which can do at least 3m on the SB raid, participate in guild events, be highly active, do a minimum of 500 tickets daily.

There are currently no gp requirements to join the Jedi Knights! All we are asking for are players to be active daily, help build and progress the guild.

We currently have 1 space in The Galactic Republic.

However we have lots of spaces in The Jedi Knights

Discord is required to join us!
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