Kit Concept - Stinger Mantis

Stinger Mantis
Light Side, Rebel, Cargo Ship, Support, Unaligned Force User

Basic - Surprise Attack
FINAL TEXT: Deal physical damage to the target enemy twice and call a random rebel ally to assist dealing 30% less damage. When this attack is used out of turn, there is a 30% chance to dispel all debuffs on a random ally.

Crew Ability - Uncanny Maneuver (Cere Junda) CD: 3
FINAL TEXT: Deal physical damage twice to all enemies and grant all allies offense up. If Home One is the capital ship, all allies gain 15% turn meter (Doubled for rebel allies)

Crew Ability - The Force is with me (Cal Kestis) CD: 5
FINAL TEXT: Rebel Allies recover 20% health and 10% protection, doubled for Jedi rebel allies, and gain bonuses based on their role:
- Attackers: Gain 5% turn meter for each rebel ally and offense up for 1 turn
- Healers/Supports: Gain speed and evasion up for one turn
- Tank: Gain taunt for 1 turn and lose all turn meter. For the amount of turn meter lost this way gain 1% defense until the end of their next turn.

Crew Ability - Nightsister Cloaking (Merrin) CD: 2
FINAL TEXT: Grant self and target ally stealth and advantage for 2 turns, then call target ally to assist. If this ability targeted the Stinger Mantis, recover 10% health and protection for each rebel ally and instead gain stealth and offense up for 2 turns.

Unique - Extraction Protocol
FINAL TEXT: The Stinger Mantis has +35% counter chance, and gains 1% counter chance whenever a rebel ally takes damage. Whenever the Stinger Mantis deals damage or uses an ability (limited to once per attack/turn), call a random Jedi rebel ally to assist dealing 10% more damage. If that ally had foresight, grant a random rebel ally foresight that doesn’t have it. Whenever the Stinger Mantis deals damage to an enemy while stealthed, dispel it and deal 45% more damage.

Reinforcement Ability
FINAL TEXT: Dispel all buffs on the target enemy and dispel those buffs on all other enemies. Call a Jedi rebel ship and a random other rebel ally to assist, dealing 25% less damage. If the allied capital ship is Home One, these attacks deal 50% more damage.


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