New character suggestion

While I enjoy the new characters, most are very obscure, bit characters. I would really love, and honestly expected 8 years ago, to see X-wing Luke and Red 5. He could have his Saber and blaster, like GL Rey, and make a heck of a rebel pilot 3v3 squad. Red 5 would also be a great fleet addition, as well as set up a Death Star trench run special event. Thank you for your consideration


  • Instead of an event, maybe it would be like a fleet raid with different stages of the battle of Yavin/Endor. For example (Yavin);
    Phase One - rebels escaping the death star on the falcon (we could get the old ben sacrifice scene again)
    Phase Two - Escaping the death star (no capital ship)
    Phase Three - initial assault on the death star (wave ends with vader coming in his TIE Advanced
    Phase Four - Destroying the death star (wave ends with the falcon knocking vader away and luke destroying the death star)

    Example 2, Endor;
    Phase One - Attacking the Sheild Bunker (ends with explosion of the bunker)
    Phase Two - Initial assault on the star destroyers (with capital ship) (ends with executor being destroyed)
    Phase Three - Vader/Emporer Fight
    Phase Four - Death star destruction (kaboom)
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