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In Kelleran Beq kit, it is said that he can get 100 Padawan Lessons stacks, and you need 10 000 protection to get one stack. That means he need to start the battle with 1 million protection. Is it possible to reach the maximum stacks which is 100 if I understand correctly?
This cap was put in for future proofing and edge cases.
While in Territory Wars and there are no Galactic Legends -> is GL assumption include on opponent side as well or just allied GL?
Yes, if there are any Galactic Legends on either side, then the omicron will not function.
Is the heal from Lightsaber Training based on damage dealt by all allies in the mass assist or just the damage KB did?
It is based on the damage of all allies
What is this second wind buff he gains when not the leader?
Second wind was introduced with Leia Organa -
Second Wind: The first time this character would be reduced to 1% Health, dispel this buff and recover 50% Health and Protection instead
Can his basic trigger his unique so he attacks up to 4 times ?
No, he can only attack up to one additional time through his Unique. So it should be up to 2 attacks when it is not his turn, and up to 3 attacks when it is his turn.
What does "recover health and protection until the end of the turn" mean? That sounds like it just goes away immediately. Did you mean "till the end of their next turn?" Did you mean to say they gain Health Recovery and Protection Recovery until the end of their next turn? Very confused
Until the end of the turn, any damage dealt by any ally will turn 50% of the damage into Health and Protection recovery for the entire team.
Will protection up from leader abilities contribute to Kellerans starting protection or is it calculated before the protection up is applied?
Extra Health and Protection from Leader abilities will not be part of the Padawan Lessons calculation at all, because Leader abilities do not trigger until after the battle has started.
For the 1st special, does until the end of the turn mean that if the call to assist calls to another assist (aayla for example) all the damage is included?
Yes, it also works with Kelleran Beq’s extra attacks.
Why is he an attacker if he has more of a supporting kit
Kelleran offers a lot of support through The Sabered Hand and Lightsaber Training, but make no mistake, he does a considerable amount of damage.
With his unique, will Kelleran nullify any out-of-turn attack against him from any enemy with the Riposte buff?
Correct. This is the same way characters like General Skywalker work.
Any chance of just a general developer FAQ in January Meaty?
This is a great suggestion, I will discuss the concept with the team when we get back from the Holidays.
Seriously, when will Jar Jar Binks come to Galaxy of Heroes?
Folks, I am working really hard to fight the good fight here. Not a day goes by that I don’t ask for the Legend themself - Meathead
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