Ineligibility for Raids needs to be fixed

I know that this will not affect that many players and probably is not that big a deal, but this is such a pain to me and I think the system is completely broken for doing it this way. Its an absolute joke and punishes players unnecessarily for no reason for switching guilds.

Currently, what happened to me is that I switched guilds on a Sunday and had to wait 48 hours to participate in a raid. I finished a raid on Thursday with my previous guild, and we still hadn't started a new one by Sunday, and it was going to take an extra day because we got to 89k tickets. I wanted a more active guild so I went and found one through Discord.

Well because I left the guild and couldn't participate in the raid that was in progress on Sunday night, I missed out on a Sith Heroic raid reward on the new guild. Then... because I was in an active guild, on Tuesday at noon, they started a new raid! But because I joined the guild at 5 on Sunday, I missed the cutoff by 5 hours apparently. Even though, the raid finished well past the 48 hours that I had been apart of the guild. Any time after the 48 hours that I tried to participate, it notifies me that "You will be eligible to participate in raids that start after MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM".

Because of this, and because I moved guilds. I will now have missed out on a full weeks worth of raid rewards when I feel I should have only missed out on 1 reward crate. Yes I could have told my guild leader to hold off for a few hours to start the raid (HAD I KNOWN). Yes the messaging is fairly clear, but only after I realized I couldn't participate did I fully read the message or understand the implications of what it meant. Especially as a new player who is new to these mechanics and to the game in general. Also no one in my new guild even knew this was a thing and they've been playing for months.

All this to say, I really believe that the system for checking eligibility for raids could at least look at the players last reward crate or something to prevent players from receiving too many crates for jumping guilds. I can only assume that this is why the eligibility system is in place and I just think it is too much of a punishment for moving guilds.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this makes the player experience better for the future. I have been very grouchy about this all week and bummed I don't get any Mk1 or Mk2 guild tokens to help me progress any of my characters.
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