In the arena battles Barriss is my leader, then I'm using Asajj, talia, Luke, and nightsister I .. They are all 5 or 4 star and my group power is almost 13k .. Talia and my nightsister kinda suck no matter how much I level them up. I have stormtropper Han, chewie, Ahsoka, and JC to replace them. So who should I replace / level up? And should I have a different leader?


  • Yea, I don't use Barriss anymore. She's too hard to shard up and with the nerf, I don't feel like it's worth it. Maybe she becomes a little more useful when you max her gear out, but I'm replaced her with JC. Talia sucks IMO, You definitely need to get your hands on Lumi. She's a beast and easy to *. I also like Asohka, I have her at 4* and she's kinda meh, but I have faith she'll hit a power spike.
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