Kit Reveal: Darth Bane

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UNIT NAME: Darth Bane
CATEGORIES: Leader, Attacker, Sith

Key Attributes:
  • Utilizing the Rule of Two, has strong synergy with Sith Eternal Emperor with mechanics that encourage just using two characters
  • Can take high Relic, wayward Sith and make a competitive squad with his Leader
  • Can Siphon Max Health from enemies to gain it for himself, fueling both his synergy offensively and defensively

  • “Always two, there are. No more. No less. Except in Galaxy of Heroes.” -Yoda, mostly, except maybe that last part…
  • From his legendary reputation as the originator of the Sith “Rule of Two” and appearance during the Clone Wars cartoon series, Darth Bane is a name whispered in hushed tones throughout the galaxy, a figure of mystery and power that invokes fear into even the most stalwart of warriors. We wanted to capture his legacy as both a fierce warrior and strategist for his appearance in Galaxy of Heroes. Bane knew that for the Sith to thrive, only the strongest of them could hold the mantle.

Strategy Tips:
  • Bane’s second Special, “Essence of Dominance”, can be a potent opening move even if you don’t have any Siphon stacks yet
  • Bane is extra deadly against teams with a lot of buffs. Try to time his first Special, “Malevolent Whirlwind”, for when the enemy has more buffs to maximize his damage
  • Both his Unique, “Rule of Two”, and his Leader, “Only The Strong Survive”, are versatile for Sith focused rosters. Experiment with different Sith both as the leader and as supporting members of the squad to find what works best for your roster!

Some of these questions came up during various stages of testing or internal review and are presented as a means of trying to anticipate what you, the players, may ask in advance!

Does Malevolent Whirlwind dispel twice?
Yes. The order of operations is: Dispel -> Dispel -> Total Damage Bonus -> Deal Damage -> Deal Damage
Will Malevolent Whirlwind dispel buffs that occur as the result of a dispel? Jabba’s buff, “Hired Muscle”, for example?
In general: Yes. There may be some nuanced cases where this isn’t the interaction, but most of the time it would dispel both sets of buffs. So using the “Hired Muscle” example, Malevolent Whirlwind will dispel Hired Muscle, and then also dispel the buffs that come after as a result of Hired Muscle “expiring”.
Why do my Sith allies gain a bonus turn only to be defeated when they first take that bonus turn? Do they get to take any actions?
They do not get to, no. The intent for this setup is to effectively defeat the ally character when they hit the 30% threshold, however for technical reasons we need to control the exact timing of this to avoid disruptive issues to the play experience.
How does Siphon work with Darth Bane?
Similar to Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and Doctor Aphra: You gain stacks of the effect “Siphon” through different abilities. Then, when you use Darth Bane’s Special ability, “Essence of Dominance”, he will reduce the enemy’s Max Health and he will gain Max Health based on the number of stacks of the “Siphon” effect he has. So if he had 5 stacks of Siphon, when he uses Essence of Dominance, the enemy will lose 5% Max Health and Darth Bane will gain 5% Max Health.


BASIC: Soul Sever (Zeta)

Final Text:
Deal Physical damage to target enemy and reduce their Offense by 20% (stacking) and Bane gains 20% Offense (stacking), which can't be resisted, for 2 turns. On a critical hit, gain 2 Siphon until the end of the encounter. If this attack defeats an enemy, gain an additional 2 Siphon.
If target enemy is above 50% Health, this attack will critically hit if able. If they are below 50% Health, this attack deals 200% more damage.

Enemies defeated by this attack can't be revived.

SPECIAL 1: Malevolent Whirlwind (Cooldown: 3) (Omicron)

Final Text:
Dispel all buffs on all enemies twice, then deal Physical damage to all enemies twice, dealing 10% more damage for each buff dispelled, and inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns. If the ally in the Leader slot is Sith Eternal Emperor, he gains 1% Ultimate Charge for each enemy that was dealt damage with Deceived or Linked. Bane gains 5 Siphon until the end of the encounter.

This ability has +200% Health Steal.

While in Grand Arenas: Additional 3% Ultimate Charge gained against Deceived or Linked enemies. Bane gains an additional 5 Siphon.

SPECIAL 2: Essence of Dominance (Cooldown: 4) (Omicron)

Final Text:
Deal Physical damage to all enemies based on Bane's Max Health, and increase their cooldowns by 1, which can't be resisted. Bane Siphons Max Health from target enemy, which can't be resisted.

Sith allies gain Defense Penetration Up, Health Steal Up, Offense Up, and Speed Up for 2 turns.

Siphon Max Health: Gain a percentage of Max Health equal to this unit's Siphon until the end of the encounter and the target loses that much Max Health (stacking, excludes raid bosses and Galactic Legends)

While in Grand Arenas: Increase enemy cooldowns by 2 instead.
Remove 50% Turn Meter from all enemies and Sith allies gain 50% Turn Meter. Reduce all enemies’ Defense and Tenacity by 20% (stacking), which can't be resisted, until the end of the battle.

UNIQUE 1: Rule of Two (Zeta, Omicron)

Final Text:
Bane has +20% Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and +50% Health Steal.

Whenever he is Dazed, he gains 10% Max Health (stacking) until the end of battle. Whenever an enemy starts their turn, Bane gains 5 Speed (max 100) until the end of battle.

At the start of battle if there is only one other non-Summon ally present and they are Sith: Bane takes reduced damage from Percent Health damage effects and gains 350% Defense. Whenever his other ally gains Ultimate Charge, they gain an additional 2% Ultimate Charge, and the following effects occur for Bane and other Sith ally:
  • Immune to Ability Block, Cooldown Increase, Healing Immunity, Stun, and Turn Meter reduction
  • Gain 75% Max Health
  • Gain 75% Max Protection until the first time he is defeated
  • Ignore Taunt effects
  • At the start of their turn, recover 35% Protection and dispel all debuffs on themselves
  • When Bane or other ally is defeated: The remaining ally gains 5% Critical Damage, Offense and Potency plus an additional 15% of these stats per the defeated character's Relic Amplifier level until the end of battle

While in Grand Arenas: At the start of battle if there is only one other non-Summon ally present and they are Sith:
- Bane gains 75% Mastery, Max Health, and Max Protection
- Whenever an enemy is defeated, Bane gains 10% Max Health, Max Protection, and Offense (stacking) until the end of battle
- At the start of battle, Bane gains 100% Turn Meter
These effects persist if Bane is defeated.

LEADER: Only The Strong Survive (Zeta)
Final Text:
Sith allies have +30% Offense and +30 Speed. Sith allies can't be revived. Light Side enemies have -10 Speed, doubled for Jedi.

At the start of battle, allies gain Defense Up, Evasion Up, and Health Up for 2 turns.

Whenever a Sith ally is defeated, Bane's cooldowns are reset, he recovers 50% Health and gains 50% Turn Meter.

While Bane is active: At the end of each of his turns, the weakest other Sith ally takes damage equal to 15% of Bane's Max Health and Bane gains 5% Max Health for each other Sith ally for the rest of the battle. The first time each other non-Galactic Legend Sith ally above 30% Health would be reduced to 30% or less Health, they are granted a bonus turn and defeated at the start of that bonus turn, then Bane gains 5% Max Health, Max Protection, and Offense, and 5 Speed, and an additional 5% Max Health, Max Protection, and Offense and 5 Speed for each Relic Amplifier level that defeated Sith ally had.


  • 2 in one day? 🤠
  • 2 in one day is crazy
  • Unfortunately looks nothing at all like the vastly more popular book version appearance :(

    He doesn't even have his curved hilt red lightsaber, he got a yellow toothpick.

    Vastly more popular is a bit of an overstatement. How many people have read that book compared to watching the TV show?

    Not to mention he looks like Sion in Palpatine's robes.
  • While I'm sad he doesn't resemble the book version, his kit does look awesome. Wish he had a normal lightsaber though. While the staff/spear lightsaber is interesting, why is the blade yellow/orange and not red?
  • Looks like SEE will be able to nullify CAT and beat JMK to Ultimate. Love it.
  • Unfortunately looks nothing at all like the vastly more popular book version appearance :(

    He doesn't even have his curved hilt red lightsaber, he got a yellow toothpick.

    Yeah, this design sucks! Got excited when I saw the post but very ho-hum and nothing like the awesome book artwork. Shame!
    Wampa Wampa!
    Stats at:
    Zeta: Have Zader, on deck: QGJ & R2
  • Unfortunately looks nothing at all like the vastly more popular book version appearance :(

    He doesn't even have his curved hilt red lightsaber, he got a yellow toothpick.

    Clone Wars is his best appearance, what are you talking about?
  • When these toons coming?
  • Kit looks awesome and prefer this to the book look.
  • I really like this appearance. This also tells me that we might see Old Republic version of Bane:) OR will be back in meta one day.
  • Can Darth Bane increase Cooldowns on Galactic Legend enemies?
  • Ultra
    11370 posts Moderator
    i can confirm that Yoda quote is 100% true

    loved the Galaxy of Heroes shoutout in the prequels
  • Unfortunately looks nothing at all like the vastly more popular book version appearance :(

    He doesn't even have his curved hilt red lightsaber, he got a yellow toothpick.

    Welp, he's the canon version. When there is a legends character and a canonized version of said character, I understand they have to go with the latter even though we barely know anything about Filoni's CW Bane. No idea what the inspiration for his weapon was, but maybe CG have some insight into upcoming SW content that we lack.
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    Amazing kit

    Disappointed he’s got a hunched standing pose like Maul instead of a strong standing default pose like Darth Revan
  • okay, but we don't have a see can we have a see bundle next month, please?
  • Pls make the persistant effect of the unique not locked for GAC only. We need more Wat with trench in tw than in GAC...
  • Does the unique bonuses only work once the other Sith gained ult charge at least once and then they apply for the rest of the battle? Or is it not locked behind a GL?
  • This brings a huge disappointment for the fact we'll never get a proper Darth Bane. So many fans of the Darth Bane books but how can we be excited about a nothing character who appeared in the cartoon for 1 minute?
    Great kit and great artwork, it's just not what anyone wanted, and it makes me very sad to feel disappointed by this as I've been anticipating it for so long.
    I get this is the 'Canon' version, but make a legends version and call it 'Darth Bane (Legends)'

    This is where they need to make skins for the game because we'll never get another Darth Bane in the game.

  • This kit looks really great; however, Bane's physical appearance is lame compared to his Legends look. His saber is also lackluster. I wish they would've gone with Bane from his books. They've used Legends characters already.
  • Never read any books about Bane, so not a fan of that character, but for me this model looks ugly (absolutely not a fan of cartoon graphics) so can't say it inspires me to get him...
  • Unfortunately looks nothing at all like the vastly more popular book version appearance :(

    He doesn't even have his curved hilt red lightsaber, he got a yellow toothpick.

    We have 5 Han solo's, 5 Chewbacca's, 2 C3po's (im counting 3po & chewie as one as well), 4 Leia's, 4 Luke's, 4 Anakin's, 3 Kenobi's, 3 Lando's, 2 Rex's, 2 Bastilla's, 2 Revan's, 3 Ahsoka's, 2 Boba's, 2 Echo's, 4 Kylo's, 3 Rey's, 2 Gideon's, 2 Cal's, 3 Palpatine's, 2 Finn's, 2 Poe's, 2 Yoda's, 2 Mando's, 2 Bo-katan's, 2 Maul's, and technically every clone making 15 total Jango's.

    There is always a chance to get a second Darth Bane later on that looks more like the book version. Maybe even one thats a GL or Legendary.

    (Hopefully i didnt miss any multi version character)
  • This is such a great kit! Great job CG! Just make the feats reasonable!
  • An instant defeat immunity for a couple of turns added into his kit will go a long way in helping against JMK teams I think o.o
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