another fleet arena cheater

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theres no point reporting to EA or CG anymore, they wont do a **** thing about it, they dont care they just seem to think that you will spend more money to beat the cheaters, so instead iv decided to report EA and CG to the gaming and gambling commision because they are actually in violation of digtal gaming laws by not doing anything about the cheats, iv put over 8 years into this game now and i dont even see the point in playing anymore because the game is rife with cheats, i have a guy in my fleet arena, 3 months ago he barely had the team to make a decent profundity and he couldnt beat me, now he has relic 8 and 9 profundity, relic 8 and 9 executor and a relic 8 and 9 leviathan, i was checking his roster a few months ago and apart from his profundity requirements he only had a few weak relic toons, now nearly his entire roster is relic 8 or 9, this is impossible to do in the space of three months, you cant even get your hands on that many droid brains in that amount of time even if you pay for them, i got curious about the new guild he moved into since his roster seemed to become all powerful overnight and surprise surprise his whole guild had the same toons, same ships same GP per player, all the new toons from conquest, all relic 8 and 9 might i add, whats the point in even playing when you have entire guilds using software that just boosts their roster to maximum efficientcy so you dont even stand a chance of fighting them, let alone beating them, the best thing to do is go above EA and CGs heads and report them instead, they are slyly and illegally taking the money out of your pockets and allowing cheats to hold the game to ransom with no cosequence, EA and CG should be held accountable for their non actions, take my advice, report them to the gaming and gambling commision instead of reporting the cheating players


  • Have you seen what EA gets away with in Madden?
    You're talking to a wall man
  • Ranzono wrote: »
    Have you seen what EA gets away with in Madden?
    You're talking to a wall man

    If you don't know who to make the right complaint to then your talking to a wall, fortunately the gambling and gaming commission is the right place to complain to, these gaming companies are not gods walking amongst men, they to have someone they have to answer to
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