Mod Battles needs a revamp(monetization)!

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Add 3,4,5 dot mods too stage 1-8 of mod battles.

I want too Fine Tune the mods on SLKR.
Instead of going too mod challenges(random), I can go too battle 1-f or battle 8-f and farm cross.
Keep 5 dot mods and sell 1-4 dot mods.
Keep mods with offense primary.
Reveal all stats on mods and sell mods with no speed secondary.
Slice mods for a very small chance @ speed.
Replace the offense primary cross on SLKR with the best speed secondary.
Distribute the left over mods too other characters that need offense primary cross.

Thank you for reading.
Developers please consider!

If you create a 2x event just for mod battle that run every month you will make lots of money.
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