Light side currency farming

Is it my imagination, or is farming light side currency "metered" to produce fewer currencies? I could farm 60 currencies through siming up to 1000 tickets on light side, but now can hardly get 45 from the same


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    Is it my imagination


    More seriously, are you talking about simming 1000 battles (which is how your post reads) or spending 1000 energy?

    Don't forget that the drop rate is 5-6% per unit of energy spent. That's about 50% on a ten energy node. You're more likely to get drops from higher energy nodes but they are more expensive.

    If I was spending 1000 energy on LS tickets, I'd expect to receive around 50 tickets, with wiggle room either side for great or poor RNG.

    Looks ok to me.
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    @UdalCuain Spending energy. Super annoying
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    1000 Energy is 100 fights at 10 Energy each, IE, the Shock Prod Node.

    At 5% Per Energy you get a Drop Rate per Sim of 50%.

    45-60 is completely fine when your supposed to be "50" on Average.

    At best you had some luck when you were pulling 60 and less luck when getting 45.

    Either result is fully in the realm of "commonish" results on the Bell Curve of RNG.

    If you want a guaranteed 50% every time then sim hard nodes at 20 energy.

    The result is always 5 tickets for the 5 hard node sim.

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