Modding hutt cartel (making Boussh the one to assist)

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I'm unlocking Jabba soon, and I'm working on my HC mods on the meantime.
I want to make Boussh the one with the least HP + Prot so that Jabba calls her to assist, but I'm finding it difficult. I'm using Boba as my 5th as I don't have Embo at relics, but it's hard because he has very low base HP, even when he's R8 and I still haven't increased the relics on the rest (planning on leaving Jabba, Boussh and Krssantan at R7)
Do I have to give Boba a health mod set, even if it's not the best for him? Should I give up on this quest?


  • It is a tough quest as you want Boussch to have high relic levels to maximize her damage output, and as you stated, the fifth (Embo or Boba) have very low h/p pools.

    I actually *strongly prefer* having Embo as the weakest to assist, since he dispels on his basic. This utility outshines a small amount of extra damage IMO. It’s also invaluable when you unlock the Smugglers Run II event.
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