New Best Mods Series - starting with Darth Bane

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Back in 2016 I founded and wrote for that site for 8 years. While my time writing about SWGoH for the site that most of you know is behind me, I am continuing the Best Mods series over at where I will be expanding the content of this site and focusing ion on Star Wars only. For my first Best Mods article I welcome your feedback once again - the Best Mods for Darth Bane.


  • Some constructive criticism for all the hard work you put into the page —

    My initial reaction is that it was hard to follow your advice when you suggested that we ought to focus on SIX stats to upgrade. Here is what is published on your site:

    “Main Mod Stats to focus on…

    The main stats that you want to enhance with Darth Bane are his Speed, Health, Potency, Defense and all three offensive stats – Offense, Critical Chance and Critical Damage.”

    This only omits Accuracy (which hasn’t ever once been a stat to focus on ever), Tenacity, Critical Avoidance, and Protection.

    Together, I believe the community would subjectively vote that the first three of the remaining four upgradable stats are the three least important stats overall to be concerned with in the game.

    I think it might be more approachable to your audience to focus instead on three stats to upgrade with mods. This seems more tenable to me. You suggested Health and Offense sets, so this seems reasonable to pick these two to start with.

    I also believe the modding could substantially change depending on if he is going to be used with SEE or as his own leader, so perhaps breaking down his “best mods” into two groups depending on how he’ll be used would be helpful to your target audience.

    Good luck with your page! I always find it fun to debate modding strategy.

  • My issue with all your posts and recommendations was that you basically recommended working on everything and never narrow down the stats. Work on everything is too broad.

    Also I felt you actually lacked a grasp on the game mechanics. Take this extract

    "As a result, once you get him to Gear 13 and the Relic levels increase, switching away from CC to more Potency and survivability would is an option. Potency is needed to inflict Tenacity Down on his basic."

    Tenacity down does not have a potency check it's an debuff always sticks if the attack hits. Potency has nothing to do with it.

    My view is you should learn the game inside out before making more posts because it leads to uneducated generalisations like we see.
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