Semi-Competitive - 560m GP - 424m SBR - 40+ Reva shards - Free premium

All guild members gets free premium access on which includes the GAC Insights tool

Black Sun Heroes has a spot opening up, so we're on the lookout for a new recruit. We're a 561M GP guild looking for folks who can be productive in the TB and the Speeder Bike raid. We are considered a semi-competitive guild. We don't enforce people to farm characters but everyone tries. We don't focus on TW. Our guild has a lot of dedicated members including the creators of,, the swgoh wiki, and the Galactic War Report podcast.
  • RotE - 37* - 40+ Reva
  • SBR - 424m box

We're based in US Central/Eastern time, but have recruits all over the globe.

  • Around 10m+ GP
  • Raid Tickets - 600 per day.
  • Territory Battles - full participation in every phase. Everyone must deploy
  • TW - Don't care too much
  • Speeder Bike Raid - Able to get 10m+
  • Other Game Modes - as much as possible. If you aren't participating in other game modes, then you aren't progressing and will fall behind. We want to see everyone making as much progress as possible.
  • Discord - check Discord at least once a day. This is our best way to distribute information, discuss strategy, and keep up with what's happening in the game.
  • Life happens and comes first. If something comes up and you can't meet the requirements, post a note in the leave of absence channel.


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