Sector 5

How do I get my kills with clone troopers. Enemy units bc of overprepared take so many turns even with ruthless swiftness just kill themselves. I have tried taking off the datadisks that do damage like that and then I just get mowed down.


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    If you have Capt Rex put him with JML and just call him over and over.

    edit: If you have LV and a VA/AA disk build just make LV lead, force crush, then kill with clones.
  • I just used Fives with JML on the mid boss node. I think any decently relic'ed CT would work. Keep killing Iden whenever possible.
  • I use 501st rex lead, fives, echo, bb echo, and captian rex with my usual AA x 2, VA, Ruthless swiftness, and decelerator comp. After a few attacks fives gets a turn where he can call someone that drops an enemy under 100% tm and everyone gets over 100%. Then og rex can form up and give even more TM. bb echo debuffs everyone which brings them to 1% health, and og echo throws his bomb and kills 5 people. Works on the DC node (although often JKA blows up due to his bonus turn so it might only be 4 kills). So you get it in 10-12 battles either thru the zone as you go, or during the DC node. It gets a bunch of kills vs the iden miniboss as well. There are cheeses vs the iden miniboss that can get all 50 i believe, but I can't be bothered by that. Ive had my red create since monday without any cheeses
  • I mainly used bad batch with shaak (instead of omega). the reply above about cheesing with JMl/random clone and attacking iden over and over is prob more efficient though :-)
  • I used BB against a Phoenix node and Rex, Cap Rex, Fives, Echo, and Cody vs BH node. I need 18 more kills at this point.
  • I just used Fives with JML on the mid boss node. I think any decently relic'ed CT would work. Keep killing Iden whenever possible.

    I cant even get a turn in before they mow down my jml lol
  • Rex lead fives both echos and tech work great on the dc node. Don’t believe any disks harm this team. Bb with shaak works great too.
  • You won’t be going first using Bad Batch and Shaak, but once someone gets hit Shaak should immediately get a turn and you get give tm to Echo. Snowballs from thereon out
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    I wish I could post a vid they just one shot one of them right out of the gate then I cant do nothing after and its not like their weak i have least powerful at r3 even with the 100% turn meter enemy gets 100% and still goes first its really bad lol I just did 3 battles on 3 different teams to test. So I found a bounty hunter team I can cheese will take up all 3 days but I can do it thanks for the help guys
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  • Another option is to use Wat and an initial frenzy tech to get a TM train going.
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  • Couple options

    JMK with 501st works, maybe take ARC out since the turret kill steals your clones. Dont use JMK ult just try to get clones to basic down enemies

    JML works with any LS, just call a clone to assist. I used JML, HUnter, GMY, HODA, and wat. Wat makes JML taunt, yodas help with foresight feat, call hunter over and over with JML lead ability for clone kills. If you have Voluntary Vanguard you dont need wat and can add an aoe stagger unit in place, like sabine or qira.
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