Toons the game could use

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Alright this more of a "we need something of this category" than adding a specific character but here's what I think we need
1. Seppie ships, more of them would be appreciated, especially if the whole "add the luckrehulk!" thing goes through.
2. FO ships, I've heard some people say we need more of these, so, yeah
3. Resistance ships, ^
4. A gl for one of the underappreciated factions, like the separatists, droid, maybe jawa IDK
5. Something to give ugnaught and CUP a reason to exist.
6. A new faction would be cool, for example, Padawan, Gungan, Justice (basically law enforcement) Pirate?
7. A new neutral toon PLEASE, it's just so weird to see hondo glowing white all by himself like a hallucination, some new neutral would be good.
Alright that's my take, whatta y'all think?
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