Sudden change in Chimaera VS Leviathan counter

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Anybody notice any change or difference in their Chimaera VS Leviathan counter today?

I’m usually around a 90% win-rate and won 2/15 battles today… that strikes me as more than just unlucky.

Specifically, Leviathan got its second special (sabotage the hangers) off before my second reinforcement in every battle I lost, and today is the first time that’s ever happened. This sudden change makes me think that there was either a change to Tie Defender’s dodge chance, or the amount of TM gain to Chimaera as a result of dodges.

Anybody else have experiencing any issues with Chimaera today?


  • Nothing noticed today. Went 3/3 on my Fleet Arena climb. Did you change or swap any mods that might impact the speed of your ships by chance?
  • I usually get sandwiches every Sunday at this place right next to CGs office. Usually it is empty on Sundays, but today there were a bunch of guys walking out of the office high fiving each other and laughing. I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but it was something like "He'll never see this coming! He's gonna be so mad when he tries to climb in fleet tonight! Nobody expects the Sunday Nerfquisition!"

    Maybe that has something to do with it?
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