Seagulls! STAP it now! - Kit Reveal

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CATEGORIES: Attacker, Droid, Separatist

Key Attributes:
  • GAC Omi to Lift General Grievous
  • New Mechanic: Pinned

  • When we were looking at what units we could add that were iconic to Episode I for its 25th Anniversary this year, the STAP jumped out as an early favorite.
  • STAP was one of the first toys made for The Phantom Menace, but it took us far too long to bring it to life on the holotables.
  • While the player-obtainable version is in the Separatist coloring to match the droids for the squad we designed it for (General Grievous), we did have the art-team make a version in Trade Federation coloring for possible use in upcoming events…

Strategy Tips:
  • We Need To Recharge! just about guarantees a turn 1 Target Lock and Pinned application to the enemy of your choosing when targeting the B2 Super Battle Droid.
  • STAP is naturally really fast, but could be faster. Get this character’s Speed up and it will run circles around your opponent.


Q: Why put Provoked on a team with a leader that prevents counter attacks?
A: Provoked is effective against teams with a lot of out of turn attacks, and was chosen for that reason. While there is some anti-synergy with this debuff and General Grievous's Leader ability preventing counter attacks, it still works quite well against teams that have a lot of assist calls, as Provoked targets all out of turn attacks, not just counter attacks.

BASIC: Checkpoint Secure!

Final Text:

Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Target Lock for 2 turns. If they already have Target Lock, instead inflict Pinned for 2 turns which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented, and this attack can't be evaded.

Pinned: Can't gain bonus Turn Meter and has -25% Speed, does not stack with Breach, Fracture, or Speed Down

SPECIAL 1: Die, Jedi Dogs! - Cooldown 2

Final Text:

Deal Physical damage to all enemies, which can't be evaded by Jedi. Inflict Provoked on all enemies for 2 turns. Deal damage again to Pinned enemies.

SPECIAL 2: We Need To Recharge! - Cooldown 4

Final Text:
Recover 20% Health and Protection and gain 5 stacks of Overcharge (max 5), which can't be copied or prevented. Target ally attacks, then STAP assists.

UNIQUE 1: Single Trooper Aerial Platform - Zeta/Omicron

Final Text:
STAP gains 10 Speed for each stack of Overcharge on them.

At the start of battle, If all allies are Separatist Droids, whenever an ally inflicts Pinned or Target Lock on an enemy, they also inflict damage equal to 10% of their Max Health damage to that enemy, which can't be evaded.

Whenever STAP uses an ability other than We Need To Recharge!, they lose a stack of Overcharge.

Whenever STAP or an allied Separatist Droid Tank takes True damage from an enemy, all Separatist Droid allies lose 15% Turn Meter (limit once per enemy per turn).

While in Grand Arenas and all allies are Separatist Droids: STAP gains a bonus turn at the start of battle and an additional bonus turn whenever an enemy takes their first turn.

When STAP gains Overcharge, all allies gain 20% Max Health (stacking) for the rest of battle and recover 10% Health and Protection.

Enemy Clone Troopers have -30% Offense and when they are inflicted with Pinned or Target Lock they also receive additional damage equal to 10% of their Max Health, which can't be evaded.

Separatist Droid allies no longer lose Turn Meter when STAP or allied Separatist Droid Tanks take True damage from enemies.


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