Various Character Kit Concepts

These are kits for characters I think would be cool to have in game. Haven't finished the ventress kit yet because I want to see what she does in the bad batch season 3. Please leave comments and suggestions, thanks!

Uthar Wynn - dark side, support, sith, sith empire
Superiority, basic - deal special damage to target enemy and inflict vulnerable and dazed for 2 turns
As the force is meant to be, special - deal special damage to all enemies and remove half of their turn meters. Stun the target enemy if they are already inflicted with vulnerable for 2 turns and inflict speed down on all enemies for 2 turns - cooldown 3
We use it to acquire power over others, special - call all allies with prestige to assist dealing 25% more damage for each stack of prestige that they have. Prestige: +10% health steal, counter chance, and speed per stack - cooldown 4
Sith academy headmaster, unique - uthar Wynn starts the battle with max stacks of prestige. Dark side unaligned force user allies gain the sith empire tag. These allies also gain the sith tag if they have max stacks of prestige. The first ally without max stacks of prestige to do any of the following gains a stack of prestige and 25% turn meter: be the first ally to use an ability, critically hit an enemy, inflict a debuff on an enemy, gain a non unique buff, counter attack, call an ally to assist, damage all enemies, resist a debuff, use an ability after an ally has been defeated, and evade an attack. Allies that defeat an enemy gain 2 stacks of prestige. This unique ability persists through defeat.

Quinlan Vos - neutral, attacker, galactic republic, scoundrel, jedi, unaligned force user, separatist
Divided strikes, basic - deal physical damage to target enemy twice. If Quinlan is dark side he gains retribution for 1 turn and if he is light side he gains evasion up for 2 turns
Compassion, special - quinlan turns to the light side. He heals all allies equal to 30% of his max health and all allies recover protection equal to 30% of his max protection - cooldown 4
Anger, special - Quinlan turns to the dark side. He uses his basic ability. Then he gains frenzy and offense up for 2 turns - cooldown 4
Jedi Maverick, unique - Quinlan has +10% offense for every attacker ally, +10% defense for every tank ally, and +10% tenacity for every healer or support ally. These gains are doubled if asajj ventress (bounty hunter) is an ally. Quinlan gains foresight for one turn when damage by an attacker enemy, gains critical damage up for 2 turns when damaged by a tank enemy, and dispells a debuff on himself when damaged by a healer or support enemy. Quinlan gains dramatic entrance for 1 turn at the start of allied kenobi turns
Always a choice, unique - Quinlan takes a bonus turn at the start of battle. During this bonus turn he may only use compassion or anger. While Quinlan is light side, he has access to his special ability psychometric tracking and has +50% max health. While Quinlan is dark side he has access to his special ability aggressive and unpredictable and has +50% offense. Psychometric tracking: dispell all debuffs on self and recover 50% protection. Gain stealth and speed up for 2 turns. Dispell taunt effects and stealth on all enemies - cooldown 3. Aggressive and unpredictable: deal physical damage to all enemies. If Quinlan had stealth, he dispells it and has +100% critical damage on this attack. Quinlan steals two random buffs from random enemies (excluding taunt effects and stealth) - cooldown 3

Asajj ventress (bounty hunter) - neutral, attacker, unaligned force user, scoundrel, bounty hunter
, basic -
, special -
, special -
, leader -
, unique -
, payout -

Captain Vaughn - light side, attacker, clone trooper, galactic republic, 501
Engage, basic - deal physical damage to target enemy and if they are debuffed, call a random other 501 ally to assist dealing 50% less damage, if target enemy is mandalorian, call another random 501 ally to assist dealing 50% less damage
Advance, special - grant all allies without debuffs advantage for 2 turns and call them to assist dealing 25% less damage, debuffed allies have 1 debuff dispelled - cooldown 3
Grenades from above, special - deal special damage to all enemies and enemies are inflicted (individually random) with a debuff from the following for 2 turns: defense down, speed down, daze, or offense down - cooldown 3
Yes Commander, unique - if Commander ahsoka tano is an ally, she gains the 501st tag. Whenever Commander ahsoka tano is inflicted with a debuff, the debuff is dispelled and Vaughn takes it. Vaughn automatically assists when Commander tano uses an ability if he is buffed. Vaughn recovers 50% health and protection the first time he is reduced to 1% health
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