Reward or decoration for the most engaged teamplayer in a guild

It would be nice, if a leader, the officers or the whole guild could reward those players, who commit themselves the most to their guild. Maybe a title like „hero of the rising empire“ or „employee/ rebel/ imperial trooper of the month“. Maybe a cool portrait that lasts four weeks. Maybe enable one account to ask guild mates for gear items, which usually cannot be donated. But it shouldn‘t be a mechanism, that could be misused, like officers giving themselves an omicron.

In our case it is s.o., who spends an incredible amount of resources on toons that are crap (e.g. CUP, Ugnaught), but necessary for the OPs in RotE TB. An extraordinary team player. All I can do is express my gratitude verbally, but I‘d like to give him a medal or similar on top. Officialy and ingame.

Any suggestions welcome.


  • You could do that on Discord with roles
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  • Icke_und_Er
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    But that‘s not ingame. It should be something within swgoh, so non-guild-members can see and/or you‘ll have a real benefit for your commitment. Like gear. Something to motivate your members.
  • Understand the intent, but very open to abuse, nepotism etc and could in many cases be demotivating. Why not just thank them in discord? You could even pin the recognition so it doesn’t get lost in the chat
  • Too easy to create your own guild & give yourself the awards
    all the Jedi say I’m pretty fly for a Qui guy
  • Maybe the system could do it automatically?
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