Obtaining JMLS issues

Has anyone else had issues getting the last 50 shards of JMLS in his Journey Guide? I had won 2 of those battles and now I am unable to beat Vader 4 times in a row. This needs to be resolved because to me it is a glitch. I’m spending a lot of crystals and getting nothing in return.


  • Just repeated it and found no issues, easy wins. What stats your JKL have?
  • Relic 7 and all Mods MK VI-D
    Health 78K
    Protection 100K
  • Just don’t understand how beat it easily and now I cannot complete it again. Doesn’t make any sense. I’ve increased JKLS mods since to help and it’s done nothing
  • Well, stats are close to mine and mine also have 12K Physical damage and deliberately low speed (162) . I'm using the first special as first move and then by cooldown, and only using Heroes Arise if I need to heal or dispel debuffs.
  • Ended up using my DRev mod loadout and got it done. Just odd I had to do that with but did not have to before. Thanks Hortus!
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