In-Game Support hasn't replied for a month and I can't make a new ticket

Hello, I am a guild leader and I opened a support ticket regarding something I need help with. Someone called "Kamei" replied and asked me for my personal information to confirm my identity, which I provided, and since then there has been complete radio silence.

My ticket has been inactive for a month and I cannot open a new ticket. It appears that I cannot open one until my current ticket is closed. But my current ticket has been dead for a month and "Kamei" did not provide me with a ticket number.

One of my officers opened his own ticket to ask for help with my ticket, to which he got a generic "thanks for your feedback" message and then his own ticket was closed.

What else can be done?


  • I haven't heard from game helpnfor a week and can't open a new ticket. Did they ever fix your issue?
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