We need more bounties

I've been playing for quite a long time and one thing that has been bugging me for a while is that we only have 2 galactic bounty events, for such a great event for getting shards for harder to acquire toons it would be great to get a galatic bounties 3 especially with how many toons are in the game now,i have 2 suggestions for another event that i think would be a great addition.

1. Another standard galactic bounty event with a higher difficulty that could include toons that are only farmable from the rotating guild store an Ki-Adi-Mundi since rote kind of killed ls geonosis
2. Maybe a fleet galatic bounty since fleets still arent accelerated it would be cool to take your bounty hunter ships plus maybe a few empire to make it more accessible to help grow your fleet roster, i feel like so many people neglect fleets because its hard to farm so maybe having ships like palpatines shuttle, hyena bomber, etc in a fleet event would give a boost to a lot of accounts.

If you agree what are some toons/ships you would like to see in this sort of event?
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