Tyber Zann event idea

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Recommended Mods: Speed, Critical Chance, Tenacity
Basic ability: Blaster Fire, decrease targeted units turn meter
Special ability: copy unit to your side, ability can only be used once per round or unless the unit is destroyed, cooldown 50
Special ability: put 5 stacks of intelligence on Tyber Zann, increase Zann's turn meter
Special ability: all units target selected unit, that enemy is fractured for 7
Unique: If Zann is in the leader slot, summon a Consortium Soldier, it doesn't die until Zann is defeated
Unique: If Jabba the Hutt or Legends Thrawn is an enemy, they lose 50% turn meter, 100% if they are in the leader slot
Relic profile: Sith Holocron
Max relic: 9


Set 1:
Consortium Soldier relic 5
Urai Fen relic 7
Silri relic 7
Starviper pilot relic 5
Bossk relic 7

Set 2:
Jabba the Hutt relic 7
Ig-88 relic 7
Dathomir Witch with Rancor relic 5
Black Sun Pirate Soldier relic 5
Boba Fett relic 8

Set 3:
Grand Admiral Thrawn relic 8
Chimaera 7 stars
Eclipse 6 stars
Admiral Gaarn relic 6
The Aggressor 6 stars
Darth Vader relic 7
Master Force Adept relic 8

Tier 1:
Urai Fen
Tyber Zann (borrowed)

Droideka (all waves)
Jabba the Hutt (wave 4/final wave)

Tyber Zann, Urai Fen, and Bossk must survive

Tier 2:
Urai Fen
Consortium Soldier
Nightsister with Rancor
Tyber Zann (borrowed)

Imperial Trooper (all waves)
Dark Trooper (all waves)
AT-ST(wave 4 and 6)
Imperial Officer (final wave/wave 8)

Tyber Zann, Urai Fen, and Silri must survive
If the Imperial Officer is defeated, you win and all other enemies remaining surrender

Tier 3:
Tyber Zann (borrowed)
Urai Fen
MDUs (borrowed)

Sith Followers (Urai Fen waves)
Dark Troopers (deactivated until right before Master Force Adept enters)
Stormtroopers (Tyber Zann waves)
Royal Guards (right before Dark Troopers)
Master Force Adept (Boss)

Everyone, excluding the MDUs, must survive
The MDUs are only to use against the Master Force Adept to weaken him.
Everyone starts out in separated 3 waves before joining together again.

Let me know how to update this further.
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