Account Block

Dear players.
Please tell me..
My account was blocked 3 years ago.
Because of a violation of the rules.
So I want to start playing again now. How do I delete this account?
To create a new account on my google
I tried writing CG_LucifersDaddy. He is silent.
Please help me! You are welcome!


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    Dear developers.
    Help. You are welcome.

    I ask for your help.
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    I guess you aren't getting much help as people don't want to help cheaters (which I think is what you likely had been doing though there are other possible technical violations). In any case hopefully you learnt your lesson so I will try and help.

    I doubt you can delete it. What you can do is just open another gmail account and use that, if you watch youtube or even recall when you were playing many people have multiple accounts and this is what they are going to be doing.
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