First order officer not working correctly i think

hi i am french so english is not my native language :) anyway i don't understand why my first order officer when he use capitaliser don't deal more damage. let me explain from what i have understood he has a 15% bonus on physical damage for each ally that has an advantage so when i use phasma ability that give an advantage to everybody why my first order officer hit most of the time with only a bonus of 100 or 200 damage it is wierd or am i doing something the way when he hits without having anybody with an advantage he usually give 700-800 damage


  • I did a test to see.
    FOO without any advantage team members

    FOO with 1 advantage team member.

    FOO with full advantage team members

    This FOO is only like level 42 with level 3 skill levels (and 3*).

    I find that the bigger first order bug is that Phasma leader skill Fire at Will does not improve when the attacking or the assisting ally is First Order. It is the same chances if the heroes involved are First Order or not.
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    thanks for the reply so it seems right to say that he give more damage but is he doing the damage that he should be doing because if you had 15% for each ally to his attack is it mathematically normal to go from 431 damage to 974.and about phasma you are right but from what i have seen with my team which is not a full first order team i have seen that the ally that is not a first order attack more frequently i have done 10 match in a row with a team of 3 first order and 3 other to see if i am right and even if the first order gang attack more frequently my chewbacca attacks really more often than them XD
  • So the FO officer did less damage than normal when one teammate had advantage? That's definitely not supposed to happen. On the other hand he's also not supposed to do twice his normal damage when the whole team has advantage, he should only be doing 60% or 75% percent more depending on whether the game considers the FO officer as an ally or not when calculating the damage. I am currently working towards building up the FO officer and hope this gets fixed soon. Also thanks for showing the screen shots, they are incredibly useful.
  • From the numbers above, it seems like the FO buff multiplies. 1.0 x 1.15 x 1.15 x 1.15 x 1.15 x 1.15 = 2.0 which matches the numbers above. Not sure if this is intended or not. Also, I think the Ally counts, but not himself, so still 5 bonuses.
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    The ability description stated as applying for "each ally" not "each other ally" so implies it should include himself.

    There are quite a few abilities worded like this. Can we get a confirmation on it's meaning and/or function @CG_AaronNemoyten?

    And I've also failed to observe any increasing odds for attacking FO allies to proc Fire at Will.
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