What new character would you wannna see added?


  • _Marec_
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    We need a mouse & gonk droid combo

    Also the Separatist tri-fighter and HMP gunship for a Trench fleet
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    Watto ;)
    REAL GL Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader
    GL Lord Tyranos ( Sepratist Legend Finaly)
    Jedi Master Count Dooku from Tales
    Pong Krell
    Gregor , Wolve, Crosshair............ more Clones
    Satelle Shan
    Darth Vitiate ( Valkorion)
    The Father (neutral) , The Daugther(ls) ,
    The Son (ds)

    Theres so much more .......

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    Cobb Vanth, and also other characters from Legacy, Talon is alone, it miss Krayt, imperial knights, Maladi, and so many others.
    The night sisters from Ahsoka serie and zombie troopers, maybe a Thrawn Galactic Legend.
    And ship from Resistance serie, Asajj and Greedo ship, old republic ship, and also pirate Fleet.
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    I’m still waiting for the Mortis Gods - The Father, The Daughter, and the Brother. Or a raid with them.. or both
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    Lord vitiate and a neutral revan as gls
    Galen merrik, darth Zannah, rukh, crosshair, senator Palpatine. Darth plagueis
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    4-Lom, Zuckuss, Nien Nunb, General Dodonna, Porkins, Death Star Gunner/Trooper, Bib Fortuna, Gonk Droid, Tauntaun, Dr. Evazan and a Dulok faction
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    Shatel Shan.
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    Figrin Dan and the Modal Nodes.
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    Babu Frik
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    I wouldn’t mind seeing Benthic and maybe his brother Edrios and make a squad of Partisans or cloud-riders. I always liked the look of Benthic though.
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    LS Mara Jade
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    Well if keeping to the phatnom menace theme for this year, I want child anakin piloting a naboo-starfighter.
    Otherwise I'd really like an A-wing
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    The mortis gods would be a terrible addition to the game. If they don't solo every other team in the game -- at the same time, in 14 seconds total -- then they aren't the gods they're supposed to be. What you want the mortis gods countered by ... Grievous? Reva? Let's be serious. They are deliberately unbalanced in the lore. There is no balanced way to add them to a game. It is the WORST idea.

    A light side Mara Jade isn't a bad idea. The smugglers that she ran with would enable an appropriate lift to that faction. (Talon Karrde, etc.)

    Pong Krell is the best of those mentioned above and Dark Barriss is the best toon not mentioned.

    There's better fodder in ships, though. The TriFighter was suggested above and I like that.

    But the best addition to ships would be Ventress' Ginnivex FanBlade fighter. Nothing beats it for coolness and Seps aren't terrible but are nowhere near meta, so you could drop an excellent new ship on them and give them a pretty large boost without unbalancing anything.

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    One that isn't bugged when it is first released.
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    Jaba Prisoner/Bikini/Slave Leia-I bet she would sky rocket sells to make SWGOH the highest earning mobile game of the month.
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    1. How about ALL of the characters you have already in the game that we have no access too? All the extra clones and droids from GEOTB, like who doesnt want a sniper droid or commando droid. Padawan Anakin and all those extra clones would really make some interesting additions. You already have the assets ingame so give them to us, it would LITERALLY cost you $0 to make them, so its all profit.
    2. Speaking of profit.....You are going down the EP1 path so lets get WATTO. Make him a DS scoundrel version of C3P0 with confusion and give him the Nute Profit mechanic. Then add Nutes best mate, N1 starfighter, Trade federation Capital ship, Backpack Ani and a podrace raid.
    3. Catch up on all the characters from shows youve missed over the past 3 years. Bad Batch S1 and 2 still have characters missing, CROSSHAIR needs to be ingame ASAP, Kenobi season 1 has just the inquisitors and Andor season 1 has no one..... and you better have Ahsoka season 1 characters already made.
    4. Omicrons - How come no old characters are getting reworks and omicrons anymore? You said that omicrons were going to be used to help out day 1 characters but theyre just used on new characters now. Its been about 18 months since an old character has been updated.
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    Watto, 4lom and zukkas, ships for all the bounty hunters, mandos new ship, Bo katans ship, characters from andor and Ashoka.crosshair,
  • Abe_Fr0man
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    Nien Nunb, 4LOM and Zuckuss, prince xizor, Max Rebo and the Galactic J!zz Wailers (needed for the upcoming Sy Snootles raid)
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    I would like to see General Leia Organa myself, bring her in through the conquest and give her strong synergy with both GLR and Ben Solo.
  • crzydroid
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    I don't think anyone's mentioned Jaxxon or Lumpy yet.
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    I had never heard of Jaxxon. Just looked him up. Given his controversial history, I'm a downvote, but I applaud your depth of lore and your sense of humour.
  • LordDirt
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    Night Buzzard
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    LordDirt wrote: »
    Night Buzzard

    When listing a bunch of obscure characters, it would be helpful if you included links or at least context.

    I looked these up and they are --save the Night Buzzard -- all Knights of Ren from the comics, they seem mostly to have been killed by Ben Solo on Exegol during events contemporaneous with the movie, though only shown in the comics.

    The Night Buzzard is the ship that these Knights of Ren used.
  • BobaFettish86
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    Captain Panaka, Crosshair, Bail Organa, Cobb Vanth, BH Asajj, Incinerator Trooper for IR (season 1 says hi CG), Darth Krayt, Punishing One (Dengar ship seriously been forever), Marrok (summonable companion for Embo).

    Oh and of course Porgs and Sith Apprentice Jar Jar lol.
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    What about:
    - Watto
    - Sebulba
    - Rune haako, Daultay dofine (synergy with Nute Gunray
    - Neimoidian Guard
    - Bib Fortuna
    - C3PO episode 1
    - Tusken cat (after wampa the 2nd beast)
    - Captain panaka, naboo soldier, naboo pilot
    - Kaminoans
    - Palpatine (senator/Chancellor, Republic)
    - Anakin episode II
    - Attichitcuk (father Chewbacca)
    - wookiee warrior, team with tarfull ,CW chewbacca, attichitcuk
    - regular clone trooper phase 1 and/or 2
    - OOM-9
    - B1 guard (red)
    - Pekt
    - Alderaan soldier
    - gungan kaduu warrior
    - lama su
    - Sio Bibble
    - shmi skywalker
  • John_Matrix1985
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    A random resistance character with the current death datacron as a mechanic?
  • Ranzono
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    I’m still waiting for the Mortis Gods - The Father, The Daughter, and the Brother. Or a raid with them.. or both

    The Sith trio are bosses/toons so it could work technically, plus Hondo being the only neutral is kinda weird, more neutrals
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    Rebel Pilot Luke - wearing the same orange/red jump suit as Wedge and Biggs

    Clearly - at some point - he'd need a ship as well ...

    ... so why not break all spending records in the game and release the ship at the same time?
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    Eternal twins and valkorian
  • Glitch0491
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    The fact I have seen no one mention my boy Huyang in this forum kills me. Good Jedi lifter potential, tbh. Would they give him a Phoenix tag following Ahsoka? Eh, probably not, but I could see him being Jedi/Republic/Droid. As much as it would crush me, I could see him being a Conquest character down the line.

    General Kalani would be good, I feel like I have a dollar hung by a fish hook in my face seeing him in Territory Wars as an NPC. I suppose the same applies for Crosshair but Crosshair at least has the perk of the Bad Batch show currently running. Kalani doesn't get that liberty lol.

    4-LOM and Zuckuss are another good pair I'm pretty baffled aren't already in the game. Very underrated duo and the Mist Hunter would be a nice new ship addition. On the topic of bounty hunters, I'd like to see Durge. He's in the Aphra comics so it's not like he's got a lack of canonicity with him. I always thought of him as GL bounty hunter material since Jabba's is specifically appealing to Hutt Cartel more than anything, so add 4-LOM and Zuckuss as reqs for Durge like that one mission they do together in the comics and you pretty much have the groundwork set there. Dare I say Sana Starros and Hondo Ohnaka as reqs for Durge, given Hondo wrote about Durge and Sana was also present for Durge's canon return? May type out a list of what I imagine a GL Durge list would consist of at some point.

    [Updated] After much thought, combining his Legends and Canon appearances [and some little references here and there], here's what I settled on [12/16]:
    • Asajj Ventress
    • Count Dooku
    • General Grievous
    • General Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • Anakin Skywalker
    • Boba Fett
    • Bossk
    • Sana Starros
    • Hondo Ohnaka
    • IG-88
    • Cad Bane
    • Cal Kestis

    New Characters (and Ship) [4/16]:
    • 4-LOM
    • Zuckuss
    • Beilert Valance
    • Mist Hunter

    Lastly, more of Jabba's Entourage would be cool, considering we only really have Jabba himself, Boussh, Gamorrean Guard, and Skiff Lando. Max Rebo would be funny. A pacifist support unit could be interesting for Jabba, though I admit his team is already really solid, so there's probably no point. Bib Fortuna is another one I think would better fit a Jabba team than Embo but again, not sure what Bib Fortuna or Max Rebo could do to reaaaaaaaaaaally mix up and fill in Embo's slot on the team.

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