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I am a fairly new player and I currently am having troubles getting many cards above gear level 5 and star level 3 or 4. My highest power is a 4 star gear 5 mace windu. My top team is Jedi Knight Anakin, Mace as lead, Old Ben, Ashoka, and finally Qui Gon. Anything or anyone I should focus? I am trying to get Grand Master Yoda but I can't get enough 4 star jedi to complete my next stage. Help??
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    Just keep buying/farming shards for those characters. Don't stop until they're 7*. This is true for any character that you farm. It's not worth it to just add one star here and there - 7* or bust. It takes a while, but it's worth it if you're enjoying the game.

    You might look around you tube - there are new player guides out there. Try to find one that's less than a year old. If you can't, just find the most recent one you can find from an established content creator and begin to lay out a path to your first few legendaries (Like GMY). Watch a couple of them even - from different sources. Different people have different ideas on what's the best way to get started - best to hear more than one take.
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    Use Anakin as Leader.
    That way is more effective.
    The best deffense is a great attack.
    Also u might follow farm guides or maybe u can have some fun.
    I took the second way later 2016.. still in the game and havin' fun.. ... ... sometimes =D
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