Update 3/13/2024

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Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!

  • Comeuppance blueprints are now farmable from Cantina 3-A. They replace Jedi Consular. Jedi Consular will still be available in Dark Side 1-D (Hard)
  • Boss Nass is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.

  • Adjusted Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and Doctor Aphra's Siphon implementation to consistently work like other Siphons (This just changes the Code string names to be consistent, no functionality change)
  • Fixed an issue where "Ambushed!" was able to be inflicted onto objects (Example: ARC Trooper's Blaster Turret)

  • Count Dooku is available for both Separatist and Sith Factions and his level 9 ability depends on which faction the Datacron rolls, however, he will not appear as an option for Sith in the UI but can still be rolled. This is a visual bug only.
  • Queen Amidala's animations can occasionally result in a bugged state under some conditions, but does not lock your phone, she'll just be standing as still as possible; she heard the enemy's vision is based on movement...

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