Scarif Whale Watch, 317M, seeking 13+ players

Scarif Whale Watch
Guild GP: currently 317M
Members: 37/50
Guild GP when full: 400-450M
Guild Reset: 11:30AM UTC (7:30 AM EST)

Proud member of the Scarif Bëach Resørt Alliance! Scarif Whale Watch: A global guild with members on five continents. We are an end-game guild that prioritizes good communication, high participation and a supportive community. You must have a positive attitude with an eye towards growth and competitiveness. We expect players to be active, self-motivated and to follow directions in-game and on Discord. Most leadership will come in English but we are happy to try and accommodate any language. Everyone is here to have fun at a competitive level. We encourage all maritime puns but please no pirate jokes.

Raid - Speeder Bike

ROTE: currently 22 stars
Reva: currently 8 shards

Our expectations from you:
7M GP, 4GLs, Executor/Profundity/Leviathan (2 of the 3) (competitive roster acceptable)
TB: Full participation mandatory. Platoon assignments done through Discord.
Must be working towards R7 Inquisitors.
TW: Optional. However if you join, full participation is mandatory.
Discord engagement is absolutely crucial. If you don’t want to use Discord, there are plenty of guilds other than ours. We expect you to acknowledge all individual and role tags with at least an emoji.


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