Force Lemurs - 240m Casual But Active Guild - Open Spot!

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Force Lemurs is a 240m casual but active guild with an open roster spot. We run the speeder bike raid, ds geo and rote for ls. We win a little over 70% of our TWs.

What does casual but active mean? We don’t count tickets or force farm, but almost everyone is on daily (a day off here and there is ok). We have a core group that has been together for a few years, and you would be welcome to join! We have an active discord that we share with the guild where a few of us also have accounts (it’s not an alliance- just a convenience thing for those of us with 2 accounts!).

For more information, please reach out to me on here, in-game at SloppySteaks (ally code 781-546-547) or discord at JE Dawg#7894.

We are looking for participation. But we all have jobs and realize that there will be days where you won’t contribute 600 tickets and maybe even won’t log into the game at all. Come join us for a laid-back environment where you can still advance.

Come join the Wampa Dance Party!

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