Inquisitor Cal Kestis Kit Concept

I was recently replaying fallen order and I remember about the inquisitor cal nightmare. Although he doesn't actually follow that path, I thought that an inquisitor cal would be a pretty cool character in game. The following kit is my idea for him. Please leave comments and suggestions! Thanks

Inquistor Cal Kestis - dark side, attacker, empire, inquisitorius, unaligned force user
Fallen rush, basic - deal physical damage to target enemy and dispell a buff on them. If Cal does not have configuration - double-bladed, inflict fear for 1 turn. If he does, deal damage again
Blade change, special - deal physical damage to target enemy twice. If Cal had configuration - double-bladed, deal physical damage an additional time and lose configuration. If not, inflict ability block and vulnerable for 2 turns on target enemy and gain configuration - double-bladed - cooldown 3
Split saber assault, special - deal an instance of special damage to target enemy for every stack of purge they have and then dispell all stacks of purge on them. All debuffs on allies are inflicted on target enemy for 3 turns and can't be resisted or dispelled. Call a random inquisitorius ally to assist. These attacks can't be evaded - cooldown 4
Fallen master, leader - inquisitorious allies have +15% mastery for every light side enemy. Inquisitorious allies are immune to debuffs from enemies with at least 5 stacks of Purge. Inquisitorious allies gain merciless for 2 turns when they dispell six stacks of Purge on an enemy. Allies with merciless inflict double stacks of Purge. Whenever inquisitor cal kestis uses a special ability, all allies gain advantage for 1 turn. When attacking with advantage, allies have +20% critical damage per stack of Purge on target enemy
Nightmare, unique - inquisitor cal kestis gains taunt and retribution for 1 turn, which can't be prevented or dispelled, whenever an enemy attacks out of turn. When Cal attacks out of turn, he inflicts a stack of Purge on target enemy. If second sister is an ally, she is called to assist whenever Cal attacks out of turn. Unaligned force user enemies are inflicted with provoked, which can't be prevented or dispelled, for one turn when Cal uses a special ability. While Cal does not have configuration - double-bladed, he has +10% critical damage and defense penetration, these bonuses are increased by +3% for every stack of impetuous he has
Patience, unique - if all allies (minimum 3) are inquisitorious at the start of battle, this character gains 20% max health, max protection, and potency. This character gains a stack of impetuous (max 30) whenever an enemy uses an ability. Whenever an enemy damages this character with an attack while attacking out of turn, that enemy gains a stack of purge which can't be prevented or resisted. Whenever Purge is consumed or dispelled on an enemy, this character gains 3% turn meter
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