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Interestingy overlooked strategy I did not anticipate fighting. Healer heavy Daka team with tanks. In top 20 sniping here and there to top 10, came across this team. Their attacks were not vicious but the heals and Daka revive a plenty wore down my team and ate up a ton of time. between dooku and daka stun locking my toons and their downed chars coming back I was defeated. Is a heal heavy stun lock a viable strategy? Granted it was my first time against said team and my lineup was set for current meta sith teams. anyone else encounter this team make up? Or time Delaying team?


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    Yes it could, if you're going for a set up like that though I would recommend daka, dooku, JC, lumi, and either sidious or um kylo as the attacker (sidious until you can 6* or 7* kylo)
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    Daka heal team probably won't do so well with a team with old Ben who can ability block all healers and focus fire on daka
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    Old daka is piecemeal on her own.. I seen a few teams with her as their only healer. A couple of times I seen her with Luminara, a few times with luminara and barriss... never had a problem against her.. She doesn't have a lot of health and her heal is relatively weak. Even with Barriss's healing equalisation, Old Daka is usually downed in turn two, especially if there is an absence of a taunter.

    The only time she gave me a bit of a run for my money was when I found her in an first order team. They procced her basic attack a few times and quite consistently had half my team stunned primarily due to the frequency of the Phasma proc. Was more annoying then deadly.
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