Conquest: Master Yoda does not gain bonus TM under Master Kenobi?

I have been using Grand Master Yoda with GL Jedi Master Kenobi lead in Galactic Conquest. GMY bonus TM mechanics do not seem to be working.

As far as I can tell, GMY never gains bonus TM when using Ataru (basic) or Battle Meditation (special 3). With BM, he should gain 35% + 10% for each Jedi ally. With Ataru, he should gain 40% if enemy is above 50% health.

My team: JMK, GMY, GK, CAT, Ahsoka Tano (standard)

Opposing team: Jedi Revan, Bastila Shan, Old Ben, Jedi Knight Luke, Jolee Bindo, Hermit Yoda

Same observations apply against any opposing team, the one listed above was just my last battle. Opposing team does not matter, GMY never gains bonus TM when he is supposed to.

Can somebody explain this to me? Sorry if this is a bone-headed question.
I will grab some screen shots if it helps.


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