Do you want Reva! We got her! Focus is REVA and SPEEDER. TB33 Stars 43+ Reva Shards. 208mil SPDR Box

Looking for HARD CORE and ACTIVE PLAYERS with OFFICER potential.
All GL's Welcome! We are an Independent Guild!
Looking for competitive players
Must have 4 GL's and minimum 7.5 mil GP
513 mil GP guild 10.25 mil gp average for all players
FOCUS IS REVA and RISE Empire TB-33 Stars, Reva Shards-43+,SPEEDER BIKE PURSUIT 206 mil BOX
MANDATORY: 600 raid tickets, Rote TB, TW 100 banners, participation in SPEEDER BIKE PURSUIT
Contact me:
Ally code:516-413-261
discord:light matter#0565
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