Phoenix with Rex Turn Order

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Now that I have Captain Rex at R7, and the rest of Phoenix at R5, and have used them successfully against OP Nightsisters, I am wondering not only what else I can beat with them, but more importantly, how to make them the death machine I have always wanted them to be.

I have followed the modding suggestions for Kyber in .gg, and while not all of the mods are 6-dot (yet), they will be. What I am not clear on is if there are specific speed targets I want to hit, and if there is a specific turn order I want to aim for in order to turn them into a relentless killing machine.

Is that a thing?
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    I would say it's a safe bet if Rex is your fastest, opening with his AOE.
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    Rex fastest, Sabine 2nd and use her special that inflicts Stagger. After that, target the biggest threats to proctor the Stagger and remove their TM. Afterwards, it’s basically hit Auto.
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